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    I just went through the install with this on a new WordPress site and phpBB site.

    This is exactly what I was looking for so THANK YOU!

    However, I’m having what appears to be an alignment issue as my right sidebar is under the forum. I’ve tried removing the default numbers for padding in the advanced settings for theme integration as well as changing them to 0 but still getting the same thing. I’ve also tried Medium and Maximum Automatic CSS integration with no difference.

    Before I start changing a bunch of stuff do you know what might be the problem? Here is the link to the way it should look…

    Here is the forum with the right sidebar under the forum…

    Also, on an unrelated note, does the WordPress admin/user bar at the top of the page supposed to go away when viewing the Forum page? It does for me but if I go back to any other area of the blog the top bar comes back.

    I’m note a coder and know very little about CSS so don’t know what’s wrong with the alignment 🙁


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  • FYI, I’ve done some additional changing of settings and even when I make the right column 10px smaller it still doesn’t work. I even resubmitted on the “Integrate Themes” page because it seemed like that may need to be done after each change as I noticed when I changed the background color it did not change on the Forum page.

    Also, before I figured out that I may need to resubmit the “Integrate Themes” page I changed several settings in the Suffusion theme to where I made the page 1200px wide and that didn’t work either.

    I did install this and might be missing something simple but will go back and see if that is the case.


    A fix was posted by the guys at the Suffusion Theme board. This may be a bug in WP-United not following the theme quite right? Don’t know but this bit of code and info fixed the problem!

    Plugin Author jhong


    Hi, thanks for following up on this… the Suffusion guys are good.

    What you will probably find is that using the “full page” option for template integration will solve this. The “simple header/footer” can result in modified markup as it just calls the header and footer. The full page option uses the entire template, and the phpBB forum is treated as normal WordPress content.

    can anyone help?

    i am using the wordpress suffusion theme

    i need to remove the <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,nofollow” />
    can anyone please let me know how i can remove it?
    thank you in advance

    I think i lost the individual page sidebars with the new suffusion update

    how can i restore them?
    please help

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