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  • Resolved DragonDon


    I happened to notice a strange entry in my ‘who’s been online’ admin dashboard widget.

    Guest 1 01-19-2015 08:47 am United States Ashburn, VA /?SimpleHistoryGuid=58 No

    There were 6 entries, all with different Guid’s. What is rather disconcerting is this is a test site, not even public, not advertised as I’m still just getting the design setup. The site is literally 5 days old.

    Simple History is a plugin I use to track the changes that are done to the site. I’ve already mentioned this to the author (just in case) but he seems to be as confused as I am.

    The IP address belongs to some analytics company(Edj Analytics, LLC) in the US.(actually, there were 6 different IP address, 5 of them started with 54.*, one started with 107.*, all belong to Amazon.

    Anyone ever heard of these guys?

    What I’d like to know is:

    – how did they even KNOW about the site? (most important)
    – how do I stop them from checking out my site? (sure, could just blacklist those IPs but seems like they probably can use a wider range than what I saw).

    Mostly just concerned with finding the origin and cutting it off at the source. Not a big fan of someone snooping around a non-public website.

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  • Matt Knowles


    I’ve had sites crawled that were in development. I traced it to a plugin I had installed. This was a couple of years ago and I don’t remember what plugin it was.

    I’ve also had a non public page crawled that wasn’t even linked to my website. It’s a page I only email the URL too. Guess what? Google crawls URLs in their Google mail.

    It’s also possible people are just mining new domain registration info somehow.

    If it’s not ready for the real world now, I put it in a password protected directory.

    What other plugins have you installed? I’ll see if any of them ring a bell for the one I found that caused the problem for me.


    do you host your site on Amazon?
    Btw. these visits can be some crawler or it can be companion of any plugin which collect some datas from your website. I don’t know about that ”who’s been online” so don’t know how it collect datas.
    Also keep in mind, that if you build your site, your ip address could be used before and there can be some incoming traffic to that ip.


    I think I found the culprit. I heard about a plugin called SmushIT. Was browsing their docs and files and saw this:

    “ offers an API that performs these optimizations (except for stripping JPEG meta data) automatically, and this plugin seamlessly integrates with WordPress.”

    While I’m not sure that this is the exact part but something tells me that this plugin may be ‘outsourcing’ it’s work. Which is kinda silly as any given server can do the same technical work as described in the docs.


    So, I do not use Amazon. It wouldn’t be a crawler because this test site is on a subdomain so it’s not even registered any where. The “who’s been online” plugin is a handy little thing but I’ve been using that for awhile and am quite comfortable with how it works. I’m pretty sure it’ll be related to that SmushIT plugin. I just have to decide if that’s ok or not for my purposes.

    Thanks all for the responses.

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