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  • Using blocks is so not in good harmony with the WP concept… You should keep the old editor and get rid of this Gutenberg very quickly. Please keep it simple and do not try to turn the WP platform into something like wix. WP is supposed to be flexible both on frontend and backend. With Blocks, you are only setting up some limits to bloggers and developers. This is no good. Please take the all those 1 star reviews into consideration and lets go back to the Classic editor all together. Block likers can still go and install this in form of a plugin. You shouldnt force us to use this non-sense editor. Thanks.

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  • Rather than grumble, which won’t change the situation, check out and see if you prefer continuing to work in the WP world without gut. Won’t hurt to check it out.

    @nwwoman Thanks for your reply. Well dunno if you have noticed it but there is a huge amount of people ‘grumbling’ about the matter, as you say πŸ™‚ And it’s the first time I see someone thinking that “using WP needs guts”. I have disabled Gutenberg in WP and wont use Classicpress. But I seriously think that Gutenberg must be removed from WP core. It’s irrelevant to insist on this decision with so many bad reviews. People using WP didnt liked this update, its clear as day. So why insist keeping it ? Have a great day all.

    Not following you re “using WP needs guts.” Perhaps you misconstrued my statement. I do custom work starting with _U and have no desire at all to work with Gut in core. Drupal is including it as a module, giving choice to their strong community, an approach I respect as it’s enables people’s different approaches to co-exist. Gutenberg is not going to be removed from core. Matt stated, in writing, and very forcefully that people need to either go with it or leave. Matt also did not make one single statement indicative of empathy for dev folks when he made a unilateral decision to update on Thanksgiving. There was also a move by Automattic to include code in plug-ins to disable use of ClassicPress. Anyone who disagrees with him is someone who is not embracing change; we all know change is accompanied by resistance. This is not about resistance to change. I am, henceforth, using classicpress, drupal and joomla. I can’t be aligned with someone who does not exhibit mutual respect. I am curious, though, what prevents you from downloading ClassicPress and providing feedback on any concerns in the forums there?

    My mistake concerning β€œusing WP needs guts.” You meant Gut=Gutenberg… I understood your words “without gut” as if “having the guts to do something”. So, i didnt get either why you wrote this to me πŸ™‚ Sorry for misunderstanding.
    Concerning all the long explanation you gave, first I’ll say thank you. I am sad they’ll keep Gutenberg in the core. Let’s wait and see… If they dont remove it in the future, classicpress can be considered as an option. I have never used it before, I’ll test it on my local environment in the near future.
    Concerning the change and resistance matters, I strongly believe that change is good and I do not resist to it. But in Gut. case, change is not bringing us more possibilities. It is limiting the editor. And that’s why i do not think its a good idea to keep it in the core. Have a great day dear @nwwoman

    Gotcha!! It’s not going to be removed from core, unfortunately. He’s made that very, very clear. Anyway, there’s a production version of classicpress now ready for download at if you want to test it out. I’m not reading any complaints from people over there and boy, the number of users is really growing fast. Have a great day.

    You too !!! And really thanks a lot for all the informations you gave. At least I know now that there’s a Classipress option to save us all from this Gutenberg deadend πŸ˜‰ All my best…

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