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  • I have 3 perspectives to look at with when I’m reviewing the new editor.

    First, as a developer:
    There’ve been extremely frustrating times when I started developing blocks for Gutenberg. Continuously altered styling and code, catching up with all the changed bits and plugin crashes after almost every Gutenberg update were hard times. But especially after 5.5 update and above, everything has become much more fun since it’s evolved nicely!

    As a designer:
    There are zillions of UX dead ends and UI bits to be improved with the new editor, but I can see with each new update team are working hard to overcome those. I see there’s still much to fix but so far so good (also contributing to fix those).

    I developed a block library for Gutenberg, and when developing it I’ve put myself into user’s shoes to deliver the most out of a Gutenberg experience. For example, what’s lacking was indicators of what I’ve changed in a block, so I’ve placed indicators. But most of the earlier improvements I’ve added have become obsolete with each update of Gutenberg, which is super cool!

    As a user:
    Back in November 2018 when I had a first glance of the plugin, yeah I hated it like the most.

    But this is a trending concept and new direction for content editors people are slowly getting used to. And the more I used it, the more it grew on me. Today, I’m just loving it tons more times than I would love Elementor, Visual Composer or Divi.

    Message to the haters
    My suggestion is; if you didn’t like this new editor at first, maybe don’t come over here and puke without hesitation just yet. Give it time, you will love it 🙂

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  • Completely agree. They are constantly improving this new tool and it has a huge potential. The content editing is now a focus point of future cms and gutenberg show great new possibilities even if the start is a bit …. clunky. But the way is open and with such an active community of developpers and users, the future could just be bright 🙂

    Honestly, I have tried it. I’d like either TinyMCE with mods or a drag and drop like Wix. This is too much in the middle.

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