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  • I have no problem with getting used to new features. The problem is not to have a new feature, the problem is forcing people to use experimental and having fewer customizable feature.

    Having a new core feature depends on having a “culture” of it. Text and Visual made a WordPress Culture. Users and developers designed everything on them for many years. WP Dev Team could ass this Gutenberg thing as an optional method to let people have this culture in time.

    So, it’s nonsense to force it and – I hope not – but it looks like they will kill WordPress..

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  • To be fair, no one is forcing users to use Gutenberg right now…when it IS ready it’ll be included in WordPress 5.0, whenever that version comes out…then it’ll be mandatory.

    But not now.

    There IS a communication problem offering Gutenberg right now for testing and NOT being clear about it’s not ready for production sites, that I concede.

    Yes, they are forcing to use Gutenberg even from now. It’s not that clear to turn back to Classic Editor and they give unnecessary importance to this. If it’s for rookie bloggers, there were already so many free plugins to solve it and it wasn’t killing the main editor features.
    I’m not saying Gutenberg is BAD but I say they are using the wrong method to implement it.
    Gutenberg has serious interferes with the classic workspace and work frame.



    There is certainly a hope to get more people to test Gutenberg and to report bugs at Is this something you might be interested in helping with?

    The method to implement Gutenberg right now is to encourage people to opt-in and help test. There are many reasons to do it this way, even if some find it hard to transition. What I hope is that we can work together right now to find and report any problems and hopefully be a part of helping to make that transition as smooth as we can for you and for others.

    Thank you for including your feedback.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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