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    Sorry to read that your having trouble. The new version was always going to cause some trouble with some users but it can all be solved and we are here to help. Any issue you have probably comes down to the .csv file and from there nothing would work. The chances are your files have special characters. A key change in the new version was stricter requirements for headers and I decided to go with it as preparing a file in most projects is normally not an issue.

    Please change your headers so they are more MySQL friendly i.e. no spaces or special characters. If that happens to be problematic for your project please revert to the previous version you were using.

    Please email and he will sort you out with the version you are used to using if you haven’t backed up your blog.

    Did you do this on a live blog? I highly recommend having a test blog with the same plugins as a live and going through everything on that first.

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    Thank you for using the plugin. I’ve re-developed it from scratch it’s a whole new software. The readme.txt does warn not to update to hastily but I do understand it’s never that simple and have been waiting on a reaction like yours.

    No panic though and know that I provide my software with support. I provide it to people who want to move forward and make progress. Not just ditch it when one issue comes up or not even try a plugin because it has some 1 star ratings. So if you have a little time so do I.

    It sounds like you need to simplify your headers. I’m considering allowing the plugin to work with any headers again. It has been playing on my mind. The plugin is easier to work with and more efficient right now. But I’m not sure it’s enough to pi** people like yourself off.

    I’d love for you to email me and have a quick discussion about the new interface in general. The new icons that take users to videos and the WordPress Help tab now has help text in it. Most plugins don’t display that Help tab at all. Some more feedback while I have your attention would be great but I’m betting you would be happy for the plugin to simply accept your file huh!

    How about emailing it to me?


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    The plugin does accept all headers again since this.

    Uploader for files is coming soon along with further improvements to the Data Sources approach for managing files.

    Thank you again. If you need a copy of the premium edition please stop by

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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