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  • My gut feeling was to NOT upgrade. I had been using version 2.3 for a long time without any problems and now I have nothing but problems.

    How can we ever trust WordPress again if they dump something this unstable on us. I don’t mind dealing with a few bugs but this is ridiculous.

    None of the links work on my “Write” page. The “link” button, the “image” button, the other buttons.

    I have a blue box that says “View Site” stuck right on top of the “Write” button just below “Dashboard”.

    Do any of the developers ever try to help us with these problems or are we left to ourselves?

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  • whooami



    developers dont typically spend time on this forum, they are too busy being developers to be supporters, and I dont mean that smugly.

    you are completely left to your own devices to fix your problems, those of us that answer threads on here just do it for the typing practice and because we are bored.

    Speak for yourself whooami! I answer posts on here to try to land a man! The typing practice is just a bonus.

    Jabbok, try deactivating your plugins and see if it fixes your problems.




    hahaha, you fish the WP forums for men? I love it 🙂

    OK…. I deactivated all my plugins (again, I did this before the install and then reactivated them one at a time) and this didn’t work.

    Can you guess what fixed it? Hmmmm????

    I cleared the cache. That’s right. I have the “FasterFox” add-on for Firefox and I simply right clicked and then hit “Clear Cache”. I then went back to the “Write” page and everything was working.

    Is that strange or what?

    I guess it took “A MAN” to figure that one out! 🙂


    now don’t you wanna apologize to the wordpress community for the undeserved tongue lashing you gave? Just like a ‘MAN’ to blame his own problems on everyone else.

    (if any other men are reading this, I’m only picking on him, not all men. Xoxoxo)

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Speak for yourself whooami! I answer posts on here to try to land a man!

    How YOU doing? (big exaggerated wink)

    Boober… what woman doesn’t ache for a strong tongue-lashing?



    I have nothing significant to add to this except laughter.

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