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    Hi Brian

    I have been seriously ill and for some reason my plugins were not displaying on this site for ages and I have only seen them today. Here is a reply to you which I hope you get to read.

    Looking at the source code of the article that was posted on tonight (4th October) the quotes in the title or body of the editor are not encoded either as WordPress does this on display.

    If I look at the source code of the article I can search for Death Spiral and find it wrapped in HTML entities in some places and in others it isn’t e.g

    <h4>The End Of Empire: “The Death Spiral Appears Unstoppable”</h4>

    and without encoding

    <title>The End Of Empire: “The Death Spiral Appears Unstoppable” Dark Politricks</title>

    To get a new tweet out without a duplicate Tweet error I edited the content slightly, changed the time of the post, and changed some settings in the TweetBOT admin area:

    So the format of the tweet is now

    More #altnews on darkpolitricks: %title% %url% %hashtags%

    Which returned a new tweet of

    More #altnews on darkpolitricks: End Of #Empire “The Death Spiral Appears Unstoppable” #AmericanEmpire #China

    as apposed to the old tweet of

    New article on darkpolitricks: The End Of Empire: “The #death Spiral Appears Unstoppable” #Arab #BritishIndias

    I also had a blank “content analysis” box and “always post” selected and also Tweet Shrink and Text Shrink turned on.

    Therefore I don’t think it has anything to do with the plugin as I don’t remove the quotes in the plugin. Have you tried the basic debugging information in my FB page or blog e.g stuff like removing or de-activating all other plugins or changing the admin options in the plugin and re-posting the article.

    Have a go as I just managed to post an article with post tags used as hash tags and both shrink options enabled.

    Keep an eye out on my blog and the Facebook page as WordPress has removed plugins of mine such as the very successful Strictly Auto Tags which can be auto linked to TweetBOT so that tags are found in an imported article, say from a feed, and then used as the #hashtags in the Tweets posted out >> all automatically. The TweetBOT can detect the presence of the Tagging plugin and wait until tagging is complete, set a delay of 2/5/? seconds before posting the article to allow for caching to take place with whatever caching plugin you use and then the Tweets go out (with a delay inbetween each one if you have the premium version) to prevent Twitter Rushes >

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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