• So much so, ..

    That I’ve incorporated it into my site and heavily hacked it with header messages and pretty href links, which also means that I’ll never be able to upgrade it without taking the code apart.
    But it really is worth the trouble.

    The plugin is so simple to work, and it gives your users such a powerful tool in viewing your amusing ditties, (well I think they’re amusing), and now the users can’t moan that the font size is too small or too big; they can now set the text size that they are comfortable in reading.

    Seriously, click on the aAA widget and the text inside the DIVs gets bigger or smaller, with even the cookies being taken care of, and what that means: is it’s prefect for theme developers to play with.

    There are other options for non-themers to get the text to grown or shrink.

    User side wise: there is a short-code version, and also a PHP hack to put it wherever you want on your site, but I just physically worked it into my sidebar.

    Highly recommended.

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