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  • OK, I don’t even know where to begin, this is so absurd.
    First thing’s first!
    I upgraded to wordpress 3.5.2, everything worked fine, until I noticed that two days later, tiny MCE editor did not work, it didn’t display the visual editor or anything. I’ve spent hours working on suggestions others said it worked, but it didn’t work for me.
    So I used Chrome -> inspect element -> console tab and tiny MCE was not defined. Well, damn! I’ve uploaded the tiny_mce.js file to the desired folder and voila, everything worked great again.
    Or did it?

    I’m experiencing, as bizarre and absurd as it sounds, that randomly, tiny_mce.js keeps disappearing (deleting) from my server where I host the wordpress page!?

    Within this folder: /wp-includes/js/tinymce
    this file: tiny_mce.js
    keeps randomly getting deleted.

    I have to re-upload it every time the visual editor crashes and that’s been like 3 times in past 2 days. What the hell?

    I’ve checked my page if I’ve been hacked, but no. And I’m 99.9% sure nobody keeps deleting this file.
    Could a plugin do this? Not a chance IMO.

    So please, PLEASE, explain what’s going on?

    Additional info:
    TinyMCE folder has 755 permission.
    tiny_mce.js has 644 permission.


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  • Does this occur using the default them with NO plugins active?

    I can’t say no or yes, because this is happening randomly.
    I’d have to take my page down (it’s live) for a few days to check this (Because with default theme and no plugins my page is useless). I really can’t afford this right now.
    But it’s not happening with plugins or default theme like every hour. I don’t even think there’s a pattern.

    I’m hoping for random ideas what could be wrong and try to eliminate it on the go.

    Unfortunately, those kinds of things can be difficult to track down – and the steps above are standard troubleshooting to try to identify the cause. What theme are you using?

    Ah yes, of course:

    I’m using the latest Simple Catch (2.5) theme (not pro, but here’s the pro version:

    I have the following plugins:

    1. Akismet,
    2. Core Control,
    3. Exclude Pages from Navigation,
    4. MTC CKEditor Link Page,
    5. Resize images before upload,
    6. Simple Lightbox,
    7. Use Google Libraries

    Is there logic to what’s going on?

    I believe the problem is at the server where page is hosted: tiny_mce.js is supposedly treated as an “potential security vulnerability”, thus getting deleted periodically. I asked to make an exception for this file, we shall see if this does the trick. It should. Thus, the bizarre mystery is explained.

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