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  • Hi everybody.

    I have just joined and selfishly its because I have a big fat problem that wont go away.

    In advance of this please bare in mind that I now know a

    I have a word press site. It is administered by some guys I got involved with as an affiliate marketer 6 months ago. I was a total newbie and very naive.

    I guess I’m still a newbie but I am not as shocked when I look at word press as I once was.

    The issue is this. The word press site of mine is on the server owned by the guys I got the product from and they don’t allow plugins. [ I know I probably got ripped off and all that stuff I know a lot more now] So please if anyone feels they want to help me then please I don’t think I can stand anyone else telling me I got ripped off and Im a mug. LOL

    They do allow you to remove your wordpress site so thats what I have been trying to do.

    The thing is I want to export it as the whole thing with the plugins and landing pages that come with built in not just the content as the xml.

    As far as I am aware an XML does not contact in the plugins etc etc.

    I think I need some kind of duplication tool but I am unable to install plugins and all the duplication tools I can find seem to be word press plugins. Installing plugins is the reason for my wanting to move my site.

    You see the problem?

    So I have spoken to my support team for the guys I have this product with and they are telling me they cannot export it?

    Does this not seem strange to anyone else?

    Obviously my word press back office has everything apart from the add plugin bit.

    I guess I need a full backup to achieve what I want and perhaps a software that will doe this for me.

    Please bare in mind I have very very very little money left after being rinsed by these people and it is my intention to make this work by getting my site away from these guys so any traffic I get does not go to them but me.


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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