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  • There is something very off about this plugin. For the cost this should be incredible. But it is not updating like it should.

    Only compatible with a certain list of themes and to call it free at all is laughable at best. This is called, 30 day money back guarantee last time I checked. Yes, something I went for right away when I realized, oh, it doesn’t work.

    And where in Gawds name is even those couple of 4 or 5 stars out of 7,000 plus downloads that say they bloody love it. Since there are some bloggers that can afford the very best and wouldn’t care about cost if its the best.

    They should be there somewhere unless its just one of those secrets, LOL, we don’t want anyone else to know where a bunch of people start using it and ruin it for us. I guess that is possibly, but I seriously doubt it since they would be just selling the crap out of it and 5 staring it at the same time.

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  • The themes listed are themes that have theme specific SEO options. If your theme is not on the list, it still works. In those cases you use one of the extra seo plugin options, like Yoast SEO in conjunction with Scribe.

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    I appreciate your clarification, but perhaps this is also a part of the problem. Where Scribe is doing something else in addition to.

    Or maybe you picked a bad example on Yoast, since I don’t want Yoast.

    I want something that in addition to a premium theme with built in SEO, possibly genesis for instance or another theme with a lighter weight plugin on top of it, like SEO All In One would effectively be able to outperform Yoast with its millions of downloads telling bloggers what to do. Since that is a major problem with Yoast anymore, it tells to many how to optimize a very specific way producing masses of redundant optimization look alikes.

    Maybe the problem is we do not clearly understand what the Scribe plugin is or how much it can do for us.

    But realistically now, think about that price every month and how that would relate to a single blog site, a option you don’t have last time I checked at a cheaper price. Over the course of a year.

    For that kind of price, how much could you do with a single blog site?

    You could afford to do all of the following. The best of premium themes. Very solid WordPress hosting. You could incorporate your blog, have a business phone and mail address for the corporation. And probably pay for Yoast premium on top of it. In other words, gain a monumental amount toward a truly professional and fully business listed blogging site. The only thing you haven’t done, which money won’t buy, is write content.

    Well, I guess money would buy that also if you could hire the writers, but that is quite a bit more then even what Scribe cost.

    Now what I do see when I track back through the bloggers that recommended Scribe to people that could afford it and you go and check their themes and plugins? Scribe is not listed on their plugins. Some have half a dozen post since 4.0 came out about it. None using it themselves. One of the things I hate about some bloggers is they will write anything to sell it, but wouldn’t touch it themselves.

    Something is very wrong here. Whether it is the cost versus the accomplishment or what it really is, I am not sure. But I have a sense that if you really want the investment in this plugin of your companies to work, you need to do something.

    Not doing updates where it says tested and compatible with current versions of WordPress might be a step in the right direction since I think most of us out here don’t like installing lightweight actual free trials that are not current, let alone expensive heavy duty ones.

    You might also want to consider a lightweight actual free trial version so people can get a real feeling for what it can do for them.

    And possibly a version limitation for a single blog site that is cheaper, since some of us are working quite hard to brand a single name before running off to try to do a bunch.

    I don’t know, its your companies plugin, so do as you please. But it is not looking good when I read all those early reviews, was ready to buy. Oh, something better then Yoast that millions are not using because of the cost. Something that if it produces the results would be absolutely worth that cost.

    Then I find the financialy very prosperous bloggers that recommended it, do not even use it, and nobody, I mean absolutely nobody leaves a single review that says its good, let alone great. At that price there better be some for awesome. Or your targeting a very select set of potential customers, in which case, like the other people said, its not free, its not really even a free trial. Its in the wrong section for plugins.

    Isn’t the key a better mousetrap? Not one that cost a crap load of money, should catch lots of mice, yet catches no mice?

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