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  • I have to apologize about my initial review of Kubio, I was upset because I though that another company had separated the Colibri theme which comes with its own customizer.(page builder)
    The Kubio customizer is also leveraged by the Colibri theme with some advances.

    Let me first start of by stating that I have been using WordPress for 15 years and Colibri is my go to theme because it looks amazing and has one of the fastest loading times of all tested themes.

    The Colibri customizer which is also now a separate page builder ( Kubio) is a very intuitive and powerful Page builder. It is so user friendly and it basically guides you in creating the perfect website.
    I have 7 separate websites that are spread out across industries that use the Colibri theme in a Multisite environment.

    In my opinion, the Kubio page builder is Miles and miles ahead of Elementor. It is so intuitive and powerful, you can change anything about the site yet it is so easy and has a very short learning curve.
    I highly recommend the Colibri theme and now I also highly recommend the Kubio Page builder for anyone wanting to start a new project.
    I am looking forward for more demo sites and I am grateful that the top leadership at Kubio is involved at this level. This by itself says a lot about the product.

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    Hi @snowfox6,

    I think this is a big misunderstanding. Please allow me to clarify.

    Colibri and Kubio are created by the same company, Extend Themes. So we didn’t pay off Colibri since it’s our own product. We are very happy to hear you like Colibri.

    The Colibri editing experience was designed around the Customizer which, at that time, was the standard interface for customizing WordPress themes. We wanted to create a page builder that extended the Customizer capabilities in order to allow users to design their entire website in a single, intuitive interface.

    We had a very good response to Colibri and, currently, it is our best selling product.

    Starting December 2021 WordPress introduced FSE (full site editing) which uses Gutenberg to allow users to edit the entire website. The new FSE themes don’t use the Customizer anymore and also more and more users adopt the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg).

    Kubio extends Gutenberg and FSE to offer users complete design freedom while using the WordPress block editor. It is a separate product that we offer to users that prefer Gutenberg and FSE. Basically, Kubio is Colibri for Gutenberg and FSE.

    And yes, we did use an interface that is similar to Colibri, but that is simply because Colibri worked so well. Why change something that works? We put in over 1 year of hard work in Kubio so I can assure you it’s not a matter of laziness.

    Kubio does not aim to replace Colibri. They are two separate products for two different kinds of users (those who prefer using Gutenberg and those who prefer the Customizer).

    Colibri customers can keep using Colibri. It’s a very important product for us and we’ll keep maintaining and improving it. If any of our Colibri users want to embrace Gutenberg they are welcome to try Kubio. But we’re not trying to upsell it.

    Kubio and Colibri are not compatible since they use completely different editing experiences. If you installed Kubio on a Colibri website then it didn’t work as intended. If you want to evaluate Kubio we recommend installing the Elevate WP theme + Kubio builder.

    I am very sorry you think we are “ripping off” our Colibri customers but this is really not the case. Also, we’re not selling any themes separately. Our theme that recommends Kubio (Elevate WP) is completely free. We’re only offering a PRO version for the Kubio builder.

    I hope my explanation clarifies the misunderstanding and that you will reconsider your review. If there is any other information we can help you with, we would be happy to do so.

    Kind regards,
    Horea Radu

    Co-founder and CEO @ Extend Themes

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    I apologize for jumping the Gun, I feel very guilty about making assumptions that are not True. I am going to either try to delete my original comment or try to change it or give you guys a fair review.
    Thank You for explaining everything, I am a huge Colibri fan and am very pleased by it being not only one of the fastest themes on the market but the customizer is so intuitive and easy to use.

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