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  • I am a programmer of over 30 years.

    1. The authors home site demo examples ON the site do not work.
    2. The explanations of settings in the plugin are a complete disaster.
    3. The plugin code is extraordinarily bloated for something as simple as iFrames not that this is uncommon in WP plugins. Loading of things should be done ON DEMAND not for every page whether its used or not.

    4. You might actually sell more of these if you took the effort to actually describe how things work instead of the absolutely ridiculous jibberish all over the backend user interface.

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  • Plugin Author mdempfle



    1. Can you please provide one example that does not work! There are over 30 examples!
    2. Can you please give an example.
    3. Have you checked the code? 99% of the code is around the “simple iframe” that makes all the features possible. If you check the pro demos you see what I mean.
    Most of the code is loaded with the shortcode but the ai.js currently not. This will be changed in the next version.
    4. Can you give me an example what bothers you there most. Many settings are independent features.

    And everyone gets support here. So if something is unclear you will get help.

    And also please remember that many plugins like mine are done in my free time next to my normal job and my family!

    Plugin Author mdempfle


    About loading things on demand:

    About ai.js. Please set the option “Include ai.js in the footer” on the tab “Introduction” to Yes. Than the script is only loaded when needed.

    I meant before that the default is changed. Not that this is not possible at all.

    Best, Michael

    Plugin Author mdempfle


    And why do you think the code is extraordinarily bloated? If you want a 100 line iframe plugin use the iframe plugin available. If you need more features like auto height and over 30 other features more code is needed ;).
    The code structure is currently under refactoring because the methods are way to long but this will change soon.

    Thread Starter meowrgmeow


    Hello… You really need the text in settings to be more clear. I was looking for an auto height solution other than fixed positioning, via CSS. Solutions all of which have issues:

    1. Cross site everything I find needs a script on the other domain. Cant do that.

    2. Using absolutely positioning via CSS. Has obvious browser issues.

    3. Some dynamically resize the frame iterative look horrible.

    4. Getting page via PHP and then rendering it. Issues again, CSS of cross domain site, on and on and arguably “hacking” in a way.

    Browsers disallowing access due to cross site scripting all understandable. I did not want go fixed height but guess I dont have an option. I could have swore a few years back I saw a JQ lib that did it. Thought your did.

    Plugin Author mdempfle


    Thanks for getting back to me.

    You are right. Some of the descriptions are very technical. I try to improve them at every release. In the next release video tutorials and a kind of top 10 with “I want to do this – highlight the settings I need” feature.

    About auto height on a remote domain:
    1. Only solution that really works. This plugin has a stable reliable solution that works (the external workaround) if you are able to use this.
    2. Does not really work. I have implemented a solution if you know the ratio of the website but this only works fine for static websites or e.g. video.
    3. I don’t know a solution where this really works. If I would have integrated it. If you have a link to this I could take a look.
    4. I have tried this also. css was not the only the problem here but also Javascript. Especially all Ajax stuff.

    5. Maybe a reverse proxy is a solution that works for you. I have written a small post about this: For complex sites this most likely does not work either but I don’t know how complex the site is you want to iframe.

    I know a couple if auto height jQuery solutions also which works well but they all need to include something to the server side. But they all only cover the auto height. This plugin does also include this but also many features I found useful. I started this because I needed to iframe a gallery which needed much more than just auto height and still think it is really helpful for many people to integrate sites with an iframe.

    Best, Michael

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