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    I have site installed using WP3.3. I want to make it a WPmu site. So I read in the Codex

    Network Admin Link Location
    The Network Admin Link has moved with each major release of WordPress, as this is still a work in progress. Depending on which version of WordPress you are using, the link can be found in the following locations:

    3.0 – A menu called Super Admin
    3.1 – On the admin header by “Howdy, YOURNAME.”
    3.2 – On the admin header, as a drop-down under “Howdy, YOURNAME.”
    3.3 – On the admin bar, as a drop-down under your “My Sites”

    But there is no such link as “My Sites” anywhere in my 3.3 Dashboard. They do not actually say this is in the Dashboard. They do not say at all what screen one is one. There is no such screen in WP as “admin.” Obviously there is at least one assumption being made as to what the reader of these “instructions” knows or has already done prior to this point – and perhaps more than one assumption.

    Where will I find a non-assuming set of steps for installing MultiUser?

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    Obviously there is at least one assumption being made

    Have you followed these instructions? Unless you perform all of these steps, you will not see any new multisite menus.

    Converting a stand alone WordPress installation to multisite is not really trivial. Please make sure you have a full file and database backup and know how to restore it if you get into trouble.

    If you make a mistake then that backup will let you get back to square one and you can try again.

    Edit: Also, why aren’t you running 3.3.1?

    I just ran through those steps. When I install Multisite, yhe My Sites shows up every time. The assumption is that … you activated Multisite 🙂

    If you need more directions, there are tutorials and 101 install docs out there, but the Create a Network page is correct in what it says.

    Thank you both for the response. I guess my problem was taking that particular instruction (as it appeared to me) as a stand alone, not as a later step in a sequence that had to be followed from the first onward.

    I now have taken Ipenstsu’s advice and looked at more clearly written instruction such as the excellent WordPress Multi user 101 she created along with Andrea Rennick . I have downloaded a free copy and after skimming it, I have made a $20 donation. I recognize that it is very well done and deserves that level of support from anyone who has the intention, as I do, of getting some revenue from WPmu.

    But still, I have an open question whose answer does not seemed to be in that good reference. I have asked it in a different topic in this forum.

    Thanks again.

    BTW: To the question: “Also, why aren’t you running 3.3.1?” I actually am. I was lazy when I typed 3.3, not 3.3.1.

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