Support » Plugin: All-in-One WP Migration » This is not simple, effective, or useful.

  • I “backed up” my website using their plugin only to need to recreate every last bit of my website after trying to use the backup.

    Granted, their support team was as helpful as they could be, and I don’t slight them for this. I do, however, recommend that nobody uses this product because of the headache and inefficiency of it all.

    After a long back and forth with their support (again, they were helpful, but the product/plugin is NOT), I was ultimately unable to get my website back. It cost me about two days worth of extra work to redo the whole of my website and I can’t recommend against this plugin enough.

    They advertise ease of use and all this garbage, but their plugin doesn’t deliver on this.

    Summary: Support team was very helpful but couldn’t help in the end because the plugin is not what it says it is. Maybe if you throw money at it then it’ll be better, but who has any money to throw around these days, especially when there isn’t a guarantee you’ll get your site back up and running.

    They oversell and underdeliver.

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