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  • Hi,

    I have a big problem. I use this plugin for a month now.
    At the beginning everything was ok. Now I got the error when viewing my feed page “This is not a valid feed”. I have no idea what is wrong.

    I hope somebody can help me, because my podcast doesn’t work now.

    The url is:

    When I look at my podcast page, everything looks ok:

    Thank you.


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    I know the problem, my template was broken when I updated to WordPress 4.7.


    Plugin Author Craig Hewitt


    OK, good to hear everything is resolved. If you run into any other issues let us know.

    I’m having the exact same error. I just updated my theme, in case that was the problem, but nothing seemed to be solved.

    My feed is:

    When I put it into the castfeed validator, I get this:

    Error resolving feed address.
    HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
    Unable to do basic feed validation…(
    This feed validated in 1.49221301079 seconds

    Everything worked perfectly when I first installed this plugin over a year ago.

    Ah, I saw the other posts about this. I did not have any regular posts, and so I created one and that seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks!

    Thread Starter pheijms


    The problem was not the theme.

    But I didn’t have any post. So when you have no post, WordPress 4.7 gives an error at the feed.
    The bug is already reported and fixed in the next WordPress update.




    I am having this same issue. Did you find a work around to allow the feed to continue to work within 4.7?

    Thread Starter pheijms


    Create a dummy post and it is fixed.
    It’s an issue in WordPress 4.7.



    That fixed it, thanks so much!



    Dummy podcast post?

    Thread Starter pheijms


    No, a normal WordPress dummy post.

    If you only have pages and nog posts all feeds will be broken in WordPress 4.7.

    So if you create a dummy post, then the feed will work again.

    This bug is already reported to the WordPress community, there is already a fix. In the next WordPress update this fix is implemented.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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