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  • To force such a huge change.. you guys are gonna eff us all. you need to make it the other way around, as an option and not a core “feature”. This way we all can continue to work as usual, and then if needed, setup a wix-like site (or whatever you guys are thinking) for some customer who will actually need this, and benefit from it. as i see it, youre amazingly shooting yourself in the foot with this one. well.. we all have seen other empires fall.

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    You’re quite right, it’s a big change, and one that’s been worked on for quite some time now. We’re doing our best to not only give a good experience, but also keep existing users in mind here.

    If Gutenberg isn’t for you, we’ve already got a plugin ready that will disable Gutenberg (and you can install it preemptively if you’d like. We’re developing for the masses, and providing fall back solutions such as that plugin for the edge cases.

    We would love to hear specific issue you have with the new editor, so far it’s been a bit negative without any reason for being negative, and we can’t truly look at and address the issues you feel are present without knowing specifics.

    Do keep in mind that Gutenberg is still in active development, with weekly updates, and nothing is fully finalized yet, changes can (and likely will) keep happening for some time yet.

    hi, thank you for your response.

    as i stated, the main reason i believe this is a mistake is that you are doing this upside down. the plugin should be in order to activate this “mode” of editing, not to disable it. read again: “a plugin to disable a feature”. what kind of logic is that?

    also, i can only assume you used the survey data (i myself answered to) and conclude that “the masses” are bloggers? i was given to understand that mostly wordpress (.org self hosted) was used by developers to offer solutions to third parties (clients), and that bloggers had, well, for blogging only. you could even make just an option to activate this on that platform.

    choking thousands of developers and webmasters with this huge change and messing up sites and plugin compatibility (both functional and visually wise) in the process.. im sorry but i cannot fathom what are you guys trying to accomplish here, truly. maybe im just dumb.

    theres nothing wrong with changing a paradigm, and sorry if im blunt, but it kinda feels like [inapropriate text redacted]

    you guys should really think this through.

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    Just a note, I redacted that very inappropriate reference you made.

    This isn’t an overnight process, it’s something that’s been hinted at for years, and publicly worked on for over a year. we’ve been doing surveys, in-person testing, and are rolling out the information to more and more regular users.

    We’re being very public about the development, and vs .org has nothing to do with anything we do here (they use our software). The majority of users are just that, users, not developers. Us as developers make up a very small part of it all. And we are giving ample time for plugins nad themes to build around Gutenberg when it’s ready. It will also work, in 99.9% of cases, out of the box with any existing theme since it’s still just the_content() being output (for us developers).

    thanks for the redaction, thats quite alright. (but thats exactly how it feels 🙂
    however.. i still think you guys will. mess. this. up. though this is your show and you’re totally entitled to do so.
    cheers and thank you.

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