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  • Didn’t realise until I tried to install that all the data collected is hosted on an external server! Not what I want.

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  • Plugin Author Vova Feldman


    Hi @purpleedge,

    We were never hiding the fact that the data is hosted on our servers. If you’ll read the description you’ll find the following:

    …compliant and hosted by

    If it’s not suites your needs, it doesn’t mean that the plugin is good or bad. Rating 1 star, affect others decision making even when they don’t where the data is hosted.

    I would appreciate if you could kindly modify your rating. Thanks!

    Hi @vovafeldman,

    If you add that this widget requires hosting of the data at a third party site to the installation instructions tab shown on the widget’s page then I’ll double my rating to 2 stars!

    Seriously, you wasted my time by not emphasising the third party hosting. Had I known, I wouldn’t have downloaded it and I wouldn’t have bothered rating it. My rating is based on the time I wasted. Obviously I can’t comment on the quality of the plugin because I didn’t install it once I got to the bit about the third party site.

    Contrary to your comment, I had to do a word search on the description page to find the phrase “hosted by” so while you might not be hiding this fact it certainly isn’t obvious.

    Perhaps I misunderstand the role of because on that website it says…

    What is Rating-Widget?

    Rating-Widget is the Self-Hosted Star Rating System for your Blog or Website. i.e. a voting control which enable rating elements of content in your site by its readers.

    … so where is the data for this plugin hosted??

    Plugin Author Vova Feldman


    Self-Hosted means you don’t need to handle the hosting for the widget because we do that for you. It’s a software as a service (SaaS) product. Try to understand, there are many things we like to highlight in the description of the plugin, for you 3rd party hosting might be more important, for others might be other feature/functionality. Eventually we need to prioritize. Anyhow, I hope you find a good alternative. You should try GD Rating – great plugin as well and hosted on your WP instance.

    external server using is clear when its running.
    just when we click the “i” button beside the rating.
    we don’t need to be rocket scientist to understand that.
    don’t know why he said, you are hiding that thing.
    however, the plugin is so cool as a free one…

    Plugin Author Vova Feldman


    Thanks @corvusmile 🙂 If you have a moment, I would very much appreciate if you could quickly rate the plugin, just to help us spread the word (don’t forget to click the Post button to submit the rating):

    I’ve already done that with a hi 5. 🙂
    btw, I faced a little prob.
    can you please answer?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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