• As an Islamic Center catering to the unification of all Muslims, it’s Alhamdulillah wonderful that so many diverse schools of thought are included in these calculations.

    This is everything we could ask for and more.

    With this, I’d make some super minor suggestions only if possible, not critical at all.
    1. Background image instead of just a color.
    2. A place to place a logo.
    3. An empty text field at the very bottom to add extra information; for example, “Precautionary +5 minutes wait time is recommended”; “Jumuah Sermon by XYZ” or I can just use a default text field, thus not very important.
    4. The Hijri adjustment I would change to ‘Days’ instead of ‘Hours’, but people are already implementing this so no need to change; I use -24hrs, intead of -1days.

    Jazak Allah Khair for all of your hard work.

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