• This plugin just made it to my MUST USE plugin list… All the advertised features work, but there is one more VERY important feature that I am not sure even the author realizes that this plugin does also.

    Right now, through this plugin’s screen, or if not using this plugin, in the native Gutenberg’s reusable blocks screen, you can import and export ONE reusable block at a time. That said, if you activate this plugin, you will now have the option to export ALL reusable blocks with one click, which is very useful if you have dozens of reusable blocks. To export all of them in one file, go to Tools->Export, and you will get the option to export all your reusable blocks.

    Everything that this plugin does, SHOULD be part of the WP core, no excuses, everything this plugin does, is extremely crucial.

    Some history… The blocks export feature in the Tools->Export screen was available when running WP 4.9x, and using the Gutenberg plugin. The export option from the Tools screen disappeared when Gutenberg was merged in the core. In December 2018, I notified the developers on slack abut this, in their core channel, and I was swiftly told to report it in the Editor channel, which I did immediately. The answer I got there was that this function should be restored, but never did – 3-4 months later. This plugin brings back the ability to export all the reusable blocks with one click, in one file, so I can pack up all my blocks and save them as backup, or simply move them to another website.

    Thanks for this great plugin,

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    Hi @nick6352683,

    Thanks for the feedback and really happy you find the plugin useful. We agree that the functionality is essential, even critical.

    The reason the export functionality becomes available is that we override / overrule some internal WP settings to make the Reusable Block act more similarly to Posts / Pages (eg. appearing in the admin menu). One of the consequences of that, as you’ve seen, is that it becomes available for Export, too.

    We aim to suggest, soon, that all of this functionality gets included in Core, at which point hopefully the plugin will become redundant, but we’re glad you can make use of it in the meantime.

    We think you might find our other plugin, Fabrica Dashboard, interesting/useful too – it already shows Reusable Blocks as part of its content breakdown, and we have more block-inspection features planned: https://wordpress.org/plugins/fabrica-dashboard/

    Thanks again!

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