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    This review is for version: 2.0.4

    First, I’ll start with the Good:
    Buttonizer has very little restrictions in the free version, you can customize it a lot. The button-builder interface is very friendly and well thought. As far a usability I have no complains, is certainly the best (free) call to action / floating button I’ve tried.

    HOWEVER, it has some Privacy Issues;
    Upon installation a Pop up will show up asking you to grant permission for installation and notifications. This is actually a opt-in popup to collect personal data (name and email) as well as system info, but if you are not careful enough you will think this is just part of the installation process, and grant permission without even knowing it.

    Also, the plugin links in the admin Menu, make me very unconformable, since they are loading external content from some site call “freemius.com” that seems to be affiliated with the plugin. I don’t want external content lading in my backend.

    I hope these privacy issues are address, because otherwise I really liked the plugin, and I think it could become really popular.

    /*** Edited for additional comments below ***/

    I’m changing my rating from 3 stars to 4 stars because I just realized the WP plugin rating system is faulty:

    Ratings should be version specific. It’s not fair to authors (or users) to group all user’s ratings as if they belong to current plugin version. If you improve your plugin according to what users expect, you are still affected by old version’s ratings and reviews. It’s also misleading to users when a positive review is not longer valid for the current version.
    And by the way, users should be able to delete their reviews.
    I didn’t realize this up until now, because I only leave positive reviews, this was the first time I give a 3 stars rating.

    I can’t give it 5 stars thought, because of what I said in my initial review. So 4 stars is not as harmful as 3 stars for your average rating, and somehow still true to my opinion.

    To Moderators:
    I apologice for the question related to premium version, I didn’t realize it was not appropriate to ask in here.

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    PS: I’d like to know if the Pro version gets rid of Freemius and all this issues. If so I might buy it.

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    That’s good feedback.

    PS: I’d like to know if the Pro version gets rid of Freemius and all this issues. If so I might buy it.

    That part is not for here and I’m closing the review to prevent that conversation on this site.

    For pro or commercial product support please contact the author directly on their site. This includes any pre-sales topics as well.

    As the author is aware, commercial products are not supported in these forums. I am sure they will have no problem supporting you there.

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    Andrew Nevins


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    Hey @vickymedrano , the plugin author has seen your review and would like to help you out on their forums here: https://community.buttonizer.pro/

    Here is a knowledge base article about the privacy issue: https://community.buttonizer.pro/knowledgebase/58-freemius-privacy

    They’re also changing the opt-in message on the next release to make it clearer.


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