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  • This is an elementary question because I am new to blogging and blogging Software.

    I am familiar with and its setup.

    Is WordPress basically the same with the exceptions that it is installed
    on your own server and various other amenities.

    For instance I have ten different subjects that I would like to blog about.
    should each subject have its own URL?

    Example: Automobile Blog….Fishing Blog…

    Could someone please give me a basic understanding of the above as to the WordPress software?


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  • Yes..Wordpress is a program that you would install on your personal site(your domain) or have your own server. You have infinite control over how things work/look behave.

    You can add a large variety of plugins to modify the appearance of the software.

    As far as the actual posting goes you create “Categories” for each of your posts and when you write a post, you put it into a category so it’s oragnized for you. You can then bring up all the posts in a particular category and so on.

    You could consider them mini-blogs in itself, but in WP they are just categories.

    If you don’t care about modify WP extensively and don’t mind using a canned theme and a set number of plugins then check out the free blogs at (unrelated to


    Thank you for your information.
    So one URL would suffice for all “Categories”?

    yes. you could even create child-categories, and you can post to more then one of them. wordpress supports posting to multiple-categories.

    i pick up the term “mini-blogs”, made up by Cypher:
    if you want to have more then one blog you could create for each blog one MAIN-category, like: blog1, blog2, blog3.. etc.

    then you could create CHILD-categories into them to simulate a new blog, like:

    blog1 -> about, news, misc (maintained by you)
    blog2 -> about, news, misc (maintained by someone)

    it would simulate multiple blogs this way.

    some more answers:
    you can have multiple authors in wordpress.
    you cant have different designs per category.
    you cant set special author permissons per category.
    you can use permalinks to have smart urls to the categories(blogs)

    – mentor

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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