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  • WordPress is not safe, and it will NEVER be 100% safe, unless the site admins take some steps, this plugin takes care of one of those important steps.

    – We all know that hackers try to attack the useername “admin”. But they can also attack the user ID, which the admin account in most cases would be 1, and in some cases 2, 3, etc… (lower numbers). This plugin takes care of that, and it works perfectly.

    – The second thing that WordPress fails is the fact that it allows the actual usernames to be displayed in public. Thus, if an admin. writes a post, and does not change how his public username will be displayed on the front by his profile page, then everybody will know the admins usernames, thus making this plugin useless, mainly because if the admins pure stupidity. WordPress has to fix this, where the actual usernames are not shown on the front, as many admins are lazy, uninformed, stupid, or all 3!!!

    GREAT PLUGIN !!! I will be using this with every site that I have.

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  • Plugin Author Aleks


    Thank you for you kind comment about our new plugin. You are correct that just changing the User ID is not enough, other things need to be done, that why we also listed Username Changer, it is advisable to use the display name when writing posts etc.

    The reason why we did the plugin in the first place was, we where fed up trying to get our client mySQL details and do it manually.

    This is the first release, which support standalone WordPress, plus Jetpack. with Jetpack there are some instructions, as they use the link users email address, then the User ID. So if you have anyone using Jetpack, just deactivate the plugin, run User ID Changer, the reactivate Jetpack, this will the ask for approval. This only applies if your changing the Jetpack link User ID.

    We are currenly working on a WordPress Multisite version, this is quite complex as there is stuff everywhere and we need to make sure we catch everything when changing the Super Admin details.

    We are also looking at the possibility of a few other features like rename the WordPress prefix (wp_) and maybe the ability to create an emergency admin account.

    If you find any issues please let use know, also if you think something else is needed let us know.

    by the way, we did an integrated release of User ID Changer with Username Changer, so both where on the screen together. We may release it, but depends on the other plugin author.

    Kind regards
    PS. Friday we will release a maintenance release which has more Jetpack stuff in it

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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