• This is the only plug in that I found (and I don’t “know my way around” to find plug-ins… for context there) that works for me with Woocommerce on front end registration.

    This plug-in is very helpful because I want first time visitors to my site to be able to write a post for submission. This is so helpful that a person can write a post without having to go to the dashboard. It is so much easier for persons to write an article from the front-end who are unfamiliar with WordPress.

    So, thank you very much. I am just setting up my site… it’s not completely done, but I will start to recruit now. I very much appreciate your help and hard work in building this plug-in. It will be my pleasure Lordwilling to donate or buy a pro version as I “see how my site does” now that I am going to begin the process of letting members join.

    I would like to do a “write up” on this plug in and others on my site to let people know how helpful it is, how it works, and how to use it on their site to do what I have done on mine.

    Thank you again.

    Laura Lee


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