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  • I just registered to write this review. I am developing for 20 years, installing and using thousands of plugins, but I never saw a scam job like this.

    I have no doubt the positive reviews are their team members.

    What this plugin does is, let you set up everything, prepare users, create templates and mail, work on the plugin for hours and when you reach to send mail page and click send button, it will ask for login details.

    Then you try to register and find out they do not only need classical email passwords. You have to fill a big form from your occupation, company, personal details, telephone number and after register you need to do some confirmations.

    In my WordPress plugin usage history, this is the real scam plugin I ever saw.

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    We need to ask some information for many raison. The first one is because we are a newsletter plugin and we need to ask some information about user for don’t have spammer on our plateform.
    The second: The email send with Jackmail are send by the Jackmail server and we need to have a good deliverability, and for this we need to identify the spammer. With the information ask before the first sending we could block spammer.

    We ask this information after you have create your campaign and use the plugin to respect the WordPress guideline and also for not collect a lot of personnal information, just the mandatory information to combate spam 😉


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    Of course, “many reasons” I wonder why you use the phone number and occupation for? Are you guessing if a spammer or not from a phone number or occupation?

    Your answer shows how tricky you are. What is the reason to ask for login details at the end of our preparation. Actually, exactly when you click to send button. Check some no-scam plugins, and you can see they will let you set your account before doing all of this.

    I will report your scam app.

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    The phone number it’s for call you if the moderation team need to verify your identity before send. (All of the campaign send with Jackmail it’s moderate by human)
    The activity sector it’s to compare your website information with the information give in the account creation. If the information isn’t the same, we contact you by email or phone.

    We ask your information only when we need this. It’s “tricky” to ask your information before discover the plugin no ?
    Also the account creation it’s mentionned in our wordpress plugin page :
    “To send emails with Jackmail’s professional routing servers, you need to download this plugin and create an account.”

    If you have any question don’t hesite.


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