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  • Philipp


    I’m writing plugin reviews very rarely but this time I feel strongly the need to support the Gutenberg developers and development.
    Using WordPress since 1.x a lot changed in terms of usability for the “not techies” but the editing experience still su***. It’s quite hard to imagine the frontend output when editing articles in the Dashboard and I remember times when I recommended my users and clients to use Windows Live Writer to publish new content. Even the very powerful shortcodes are not best practice in usability as you can’t imagine what the output is (except you developed it). Then the overblown visual editors came up like Visual Composer. Not really a solution as they are totally blown with unnecessary blocks. But still the right direction.
    Now I started to follow the idea of Gutenberg and all the discussions around that. And I see the minimalists who just want to stay with the TinyMCE as they are used to it and just want to write content without any fancy blocks in between. And yes I agree, there should be the option for those to stay with the current editor. But what I really can’t understand is the position which says “I don’t want it”, and “Matt decided to get block editors into core”. He did? Fantastic idea!!!
    I just installed the beta of Gutenberg on a test WordPress environment and I’m really impressed how far this already is. Well done so far, congrats! It is really intuitive and easy to add the blocks, to change their settings, to rearrange them and I get a dozen of ideas which “blocks” I would love to develop. Also for frontend designers it is a big chance to realize content blocks which were just possible through the usage of shortcodes from which – as mentioned – none knows what the effect will be. After the oembed feature this is another big step into the right direction and I want to thank the developers for working on this. Especially because this might get a real “what you see is what you get” experience instead of the “imagine what you might get and edit again if it doesn’t fit your expectation”.

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  • Plugin Author Joen Asmussen


    Hi Philipp,

    Thanks so much for this review. The whole team appreciates it. It’s clear you see what we are trying to do with the vision here.

    We are far from done yet, and we hope to be ready for WordPress as soon as we can. But it’s not done until it’s done. Your review helps us keep the steam up!

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