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  • Been playing about with this for about an hour on a test WordPress site. It’s such an alien and bizarre way of adding content. The biggest problem is that everything is hidden until you accidentally roll over the correct part of a page to add something. I realise WordPress wasn’t easy in comparison to Wix but this Gutenberg plugin makes it even less intuitive.

    There are also many inconsistencies in its approach. eg. for some blocks alignment is inside the editor, in others alignment is inside the sidebar settings box. If you click the three dots icon for a block, it dials down a menu, one of the items ‘settings’ appears to do nothing. Perhaps that is for use in the future? Another is the use of a column block. You can start a column block – add some items to it – but then the columns revert to full width the next time you go to add something. Surely they should continue down in columns until I decide I want a different grid arrangement?

    Every other builder that has been developed to speed up the content creation process works with the idea of choosing a content block to add from a menu. Here, once you manage to find the little bit of hidden code to select to add a menu, tiny wee boxes open up to select an item, many of those items are just standard bits of text. So you are faced with large arrays of items to work through with – many seemingly exactly the same. Surely an image could be added from within a text / html editor block?

    There doesn’t appear to be a way to drag blocks around the page – there is an up and down icon to push things up and down but not beside each other.

    Most of the third party plugins I have seem to have problems displaying their settings on the same page as a gutenberg page. eg. Yoast SEO does not appear on the page.

    Most of this plugin is trying to replicate stuff that exists elsewhere and made better already. I don’t see the point of doing it. Take a look at the excellent Tailor plugin – WordPress should just make that core and ditch this attempt at recreating it.

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    Firstly, thank you for giving feedback. Every review counts as the product is being worked on. As you note, there are inconsistencies, most of these are being worked on right now, so that’s good news! 1.6 is about to happen this week with a lot of UI iterations. This is a sign of responding to feedback and iteration.

    You note Tailor, which many involved in the project have looked at. Tailor is focused on Customization, Gutenberg right now is about the editing experience. The Customization bit will come later in the next phase. Gutenberg is about setting the foundation to build on, not right now being comparable to Tailor.

    Having continued to test this I have to conclude that you really are travelling down the wrong path with it. If you insist on developing this then it should go in the offering not The .org community consists of large amounts of developers creating work professionally for businesses and individuals around the world. They’ve developed plugins and themes to cope with the fact that WordPress didn’t have a content / page layout system. Enforcing this plugin which has an un-intuitive approach to page layout and content editing plus harms the existing systems in place, is damaging to the professionals using as their business base.

    How are we meant to support customers whose website will likely stop functioning the day they upgrade to WordPress 5.0?

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