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  • Yes I was warned by the enormous amount of 1 star reviews and all the negative comments from the heart .. but I tried it …. 🙁

    Really it ruined the complete website! The featured images of ALL EVENTS didn’t showed up, the headers where gone … etc. etc.

    The only solution was to restore a backup of the complete server!!!!


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  • Hey there @imc67,

    Holy smokes, that does sound like a disaster! I’m sorry you had to go through a complete server restore, though I’m glad you had one at the ready.

    While I know you’ve already taken some drastic steps, I’d really like to get to the bottom of what happened here if you’re willing to share some details with me. Admittedly, this is something we haven’t come across in any of our recent releases so I want to make sure our team is able to parse out what happened so we can make adjustments on our end if we need to.

    The featured images of ALL EVENTS didn’t showed up, the headers where gone … etc. etc.

    Are you using The Events Calendar for events? If so, what version of it are your running and what version of Event Tickets was installed at the time the issue popped up?

    The only solution was to restore a backup of the complete server!!!!

    Did disabling the plugin have any effect and return things to normal? Was there anything that happened between the time you installed the plugin and you noticing that the featured images and headers were missing? For example, did you install anything else, update WordPress, create a new event, etc.? I want to make sure we can re-create this as best we can.

    Lastly, what theme are you using? Is it available to download?

    Sorry again for the trouble — we’re here to help figure this out!


    Thread Starter MarcelC


    Hi Geoff,

    this was not my first “disaster” experience with Tribe.

    A year ago I created a website (Avada-theme) and bought the PRO version of TEC (only because of recurring). That never worked (slow admin, recurring creation got stuck, scheduling of events got stuck, displaying according to start-end date got stuck) so I got a refund and went back to the ‘free’ version. But then the same issues kept going on. Finally I started a new server and re-created completely from the bottom up the same website with all content and settings (again with TEC). It was a relief all worked as it should and fast.

    So after months we needed extra functionality for free tickets. And again after install different kind of issues started. That’s when I definitely lost my trust in Tribe’s code quality.

    Because I was ‘afraid’ to keep issues after de-activating the plug-in I decided to restore a full server backup.

    To answer your questions:
    1. yes I used TEC
    2. Nothing special happened between install and issues only editing an existing event to add free tickets.
    3. didn’t try to disable the plugin as mentioned here above
    4. The theme is Avada, as you know the most sold theme in the world

    Hi @imc67!

    My name is Jeremy, I’m taking over from Geoff. I will do my best to help you and eventually solve this problem!

    Indeed, Avada is a very popular theme. The Avada team does a great job, and both their themes and our plugins are meant to work well together since Avada fully integrates our calendar in their theme. However, that integration means there might be times where there’s a difference between our code (which naturally evolves over time to embark new features) and the Events Calendar code they use in their template files. Those situations might momentarily break some features. So, before anything else, could you make sure you have the latest version of Avada? On top of that, could you confirm you also updated all our plugins (The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO and Event Tickets) to their most recent version?

    Furthermore, could you try to deactivate all plugins (except for ours) to see if that makes a difference? Could you also switch to the default theme (Twenty Seventeen for instance) and tell me if the feature images appear this way? You may read carefully our documentation about Testing for Conflicts before doing those tests:

    Obvisouly, the process we describe in our Testing for conflicts documentation can result in some amount of disruption to your site. To avoid this, we recommend you either make use of a staging site and test things there or, if that is not possible, consider using a plugin like Plugin Detective and/or Health Check, each of which provide a troubleshooting mode that aims to ensure your site will continue to operate as normal for regular visitors.

    Let me know how it goes!


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