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  • It’s miniBB, link at bottom of page.
    It’s not my favorite either but it was chosen and we have to live with it.

    Why do we “have to live with it”?
    phpBB takes about 10 min to install, 10 min to configure, and probably 20 min to convert the miniBB database to phpBB. If I were the admin here, I would convert for sure.

    You talk as if phpBB causes a heavy load on the server. It’s VERY little, especially with the “cache” folder CHMOD to 777 and GZip turned on.
    I run 4 or 5 forums on my shared account and it’s no where near affecting the server.
    Now I could see being concerned about server load if you had 500 posts a day and 30 users online at once, but this forum is no where that big.
    I doubt phpBB would cause much more load with this many users.
    Just my 2 cents…

    Just a comment…I’ve seen it said here before by allusion (I think) that the main things people find annoying (posting code, etc) about miniBB are simply turned off, at his discretion. That being the case, upgrading to phpBB2 wouldn’t change anything, since presumably he’d disable the same functionality there.

    phpBB is not all that great anyways, but neither is miniBB. The only problems we seem to have are with logging in (at least i do sometimes) and posting code. 😛

    To be honest the code is the only thing that bothers me at this point. Everything else is pretty much tweaked to where I want it. I’ll work on something for the code, most likely along the lines of html encoding everything within blocks. Switching to phpBB would mean probably between 5-10 hours of redoing the templates alone, not to mention importing old posts and users, somehow supporting the old URL scheme, making mod_rewrite rules for the new one and hacking the source files to output them, et cetera.
    I'm not saying miniBB is that great, or even suggesting it for anyone else. I'm certainly not saying that phpBB is bad, because I use it other places and like it. But it's not right for this.

    “I’m not saying miniBB is that great, or even suggesting it for anyone else. I’m certainly not saying that phpBB is bad, because I use it other places and like it. But it’s not right for this.”
    Okay. Good. 🙂

    IF yur gonna switch, I would suggest using Invisionboard.
    It has a lot more features and is better documented.

    It would be nice if this forum offered email notification of replies to our posts or subscription to posts – regardless of the software chosen.

    @erogers: that has already been addressed by allusion: if your post istn’t interesting enough for you to check back for answers in this forum, that’s your problem. That’s not exactly the words that were chosen, but the basic meaning is the same 🙂

    Heck … if I’m really interested, I grab the RSS feed of a thread and stick it in my aggregator. 🙂

    Invision does have more admin options, but they are all thrown in there in a mess. Plus, I REALLY prefer the user interface of phpBB over Invision. Once phpBB 2.2 comes out, there should be no question from anyone which is better. 😉

    @viper: I’m using phpBB2 on one of my sites as well. But I think miniBB does the job here. The only thing that sucks is the problem regarding posting code. But as soon as allusion fixed that, miniBB is good enough for the purpose it fulfills here.

    If this forum software were ever to be changed, Zorum seems like a nice script.

    I run a phpBB board that got so big we had to get a dedicated server.
    If you’re trying to build a community of users, that’s one thing.
    If you’re trying to have a support forum, miniBB seems like it does the job.
    Right tools for the job and all that …

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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