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    Not seen that myself, but we do have times of heavy load. Could have been just a transient thing.

    I’ve been experiencing the exact same behavior pretty consistently for a few days. Firefox 46.0.1, 2 machines, both on Win 10. It hasn’t annoyed me enough to investigate until today. I did a quick search to see if anyone else had noticed it, or if it was something on my end, and I landed here.

    This is a test post using Chrome –

    [edit] the symptom did not happen on this post using Chrome browser.

    [edit 2] back on firefox, extensions disabled –

    Result – no symptoms. My only extensions were adblock and firebug. Guess we’ll have to keep an eye out to pin it down.

    Thread Starter MarkRH


    Blah, test.

    Thread Starter MarkRH


    Seems to happen more often the longer I create a reply. Like something is timing out.

    test post – from different machine

    [edit] FF, all add-ons deactivated, no problems.

    Test post with Firebug and Adblock plus active again.

    [edit] and no issues. Now I’m stumped. Iv’e had the secure connection failure warning every time I hit the submit button (never when I edit) for a few days now. Now that we’re trying to duplicate it again, it’s gone. If it’s any consolation, FF has been giving me some issues for the last three updates on more than one machine – setting off false alerts on my AV right after each update, failing to load my home page when opened (I think that was a script loading-order issue conflict with Firebug, but that issue went away with the last firebug update) .exe hanging on shutdown… Weird. Oh well, I’ll let you know if I can re-create the symptom reliably at some point.

    [edit 2] Ha! I’m forced to eat my words… It just now threw the error again when I submitted the last edit in this post. Is it even possible that idle time in a page or tab could be a factor?

    Same here, with the latest Firefox version and, just as @clayton James, Firebug and AdblockPlus activated.
    So it might be related to one of these add-ons (doesn’t happen anywhere else, though), but I won’t deactivate them, since the posting finally goes through successfully after clicking “Try again” (German: “Nochmals versuchen”). Still a bit unnerving, as it happened with each of today’s postings on
    Edit: Contrary to @clayton James, no other issues with Firefox here

    There is a member on the German forum that doesn’t use AdblockPlus with Firefox but still faces this problem, so we can count that add-on out. I did a test with Firebug deactivated and after re-starting Firefox. At first, even with idle time in a page, no more problems. Shortly after, with Firebug still deactivated, the secure connecton failed again. So it seems Firebug can also be counted out.

    Just for the heck of it, is anyone else using an AVG antivirus product?

    [edit] just for reference, this post was made with Chrome, after leaving the tab and submit form open for an extended period of time, and there was no connection issues.

    Just for the heck of it, is anyone else using an AVG antivirus product?

    Avira here

    Thread Starter MarkRH


    Using Microsoft Security Essentials here. Now, I do have a fair number of extensions:

    (no error with this post)

    I too had the same issue as MarkRH..
    same FF, with adblock and avg.

    I did finally manage to post, I can see the post in my profile BUT it did not post into the forum threads??? I tried a second post, this time without the FF issue, and that post also is not in the threads on the Troubleshooting forum.

    Strange indeed. No one will go into my profile to answer my questions!

    Well shoot make a liar out of me..they are now showing.

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    @dragonsjaw Your post hist the spam queue. Then 19 minutes later you posted “What happened to my post?” which I deleted when I released the queue.

    When you post and don’t see it try and be patient. Eventually someone like me will release it.

    Just to add, it’s been happening a lot since yesterday on my Firefox, running on Ubuntu. Here’s a shot:

    EDIT: Somehow this reply didn’t have this issue.

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