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  • Heya
    There’s something rather weird with this forum. On Window MSIE, linux-Opera or linux-Konqueror, nothing special.
    But when I use Firefox (on linux), my CPU is nearly 100% busy with it, and the mouse cursor keeps “flashing” as if it was computing amazing amount of data. On any other site, FF doesnt hog my CPU, it’s just this forum.

    Yesterday Matt asked on IRC if anyone was noticing something strange with FF & Windows. Not sure it went ok or not, since my Windows box is much more powerfull than my Linux box and I may have not notice it slowing down. But this morning I just can’t use linux Firefox with the forum.
    Anyone noticing same kind of weirdness ?

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  • Disable images and it works just fine. Not to find the cause and the solution! 🙂

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    If anyone can track down this problem they get a gold star. It seems to effect Firefox 0.8 only. I upgraded to a nightly and it went away.

    I think it’s top logo’s fault… Can’t explain why, but…

    It’s a real pain in the butt.

    I am cool 😀 with my O ofcourse!

    Hmmm… Now I’m mostly sure it’s something with bg image that causes 100% CPU load… just updated to nightly FF too and that effect is gone

    all i have noticed today is how slow it is with FF and that my mouse scroller doesnt work here(it works on any otherwebsite, just not here today), and to type this message is way lagged.

    oh, so it’s not *just* me?
    thank God! i thought my computer was going to crash or something, cuz it was being all flashy and weird on firefox now…and IE sucks 🙁

    I have had difficulties with FF and bgs or images for some time as MaxT will tell you. A moment ago in FF this forum was unuseable. The gray bg was not tiling,
    there was abnormal cpu load and I could not type at any kind of speed. On MOz 1.7 no probs. This is a FF thing clearly. Off topic.But obviously of close interest to many readers. Incidentally in Moz I now can’t login. Best Wishes Root.

    maybe i should consider going back to firebird..:-(

    I was wondering why this site was being so slow, glad to know its not just me. I think I’ll switch stylesheets off again, see if that helps 🙁

    well it keeps crashing my browser so i’m using *grr* IE *grr* to be here…see how much i love this support forum!

    i find it very strange that a browser( FF .8) that has worked until today is suddenly at fault??
    i have had no problems until today…and why would a background image suddenly be an issue, when it is not an issue on other websites?
    trying to understand….

    well i don’t particularly thing it’s FF alone because it’s as you say
    maybe they made some changes (who knows?) and it doesn’t want to be happy with FF?
    either way grrr

    Well, now its crashed Firefox. Tried viewing in Opera but sorry Sushubh, its not doing it for me. And everyone knows this site is an abhomination in IE so I guess its goodbye for now. 🙁

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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