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    When upgrading the plugin I found myself with an error:

    “This field has syntax errors.”

    But this appears only in the FROM field, which it used to work before upgrading the plugin. In the from field I had:


    But now it appears this error below the field: “This field has syntax errors.”

    What is wrong?

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  • I had the same problem. This field requires an email address. I added an email address after [your-name] like this:

    [your-name] <>

    Then it worked.

    The same thing.
    I have a feedback form and people write their emails there to get answer from me, so my configuration is like (without quotes):
    “[name] <[email]>”

    But plugin starts to show me an error:
    “This email address does not belong to the same domain as the site.”

    But it still working. Please, remove this issue, I just want to reply my emails, I don’t want to set an email that is in my domain zone.


    Same problems here. Hoping for a soon fix or explanation how to get rid of these errors. Thanks.

    Yes, a very irritating error. All my forms now show errors, but they all work. Right now I just ignore it. This improvement needs some more thought to really help anyone.

    Same issue.

    Same on my site and others

    Maybe it is increasingly import to write down a “your-domain” emailaddress in the From field together with Reply-To. The error is in red so I assume it might cause (future) problems. But me too prefer senders emailaddress more then mine with domainname in it.

    Two questions then:
    1. can I neglect this error because WP keeps on sending the form. And the content is not harmed.
    2. can this error (red) possibly become a warning (orange)? Then it is more clear that neglecting won’t cause sending issues.

    Rudolph Smits, Netherland

    I’m using MS Live Mail to grab mail from my inboxes, so I’ve got some issue with “reply-to” address if insert there a name.

    So I’ve decided to use such configuration:

    (use any valid email address on any valid domain)
    From: [name] <>
    (use a valid email address on the domain where you form is hosted)
    Subject: [your subject]
    (making Subject required in your form ensures you don't have
     an empty Subject field in your form email)
    Additional Headers: Reply-to: [your email]
    (allows you to use Reply in your email application to reply
     to the form users email address)

    This is how it worked for me. BUT! Earlier those email addresses of customers were saved automatically when I’ve got a couple of letters from them. And now first letter with his name is from noreply mail address in my domain.

    I’ll give you to know if it will be fine.
    Thanks for the solution about reply-to headers.


    Thanks, this solved some of my problems.

    But raised a new one. I will open another topic because this one has been marked as resolved and it is something else indeed.

    In “Mail (2)” section of “To” I have faced an error “This field has syntax errors.” When I had use [your-email] in this section.

    I’m going to perhaps look daft but I’m really confused by the name given to the various fields

    [your-name] is the name of the visitor filling out the form

    [your-email] is the email they provide

    And the Mail set up with to: [your-name] <[your-email]>

    Doesn’t that mean the form is just going to send the message back to the person who filled it out??

    I don’t understand why there is no distinction between sender and receiver (visitor filling the form and site owner receiving the email).

    Or am I just completely confused?

    Hello. I have an error in Additional setting area:

    Reply-To: [your-email]

    This field has syntax errors.

    What is the problem?

    I am still not understanding how to fix these issues. what exactly am I supposed to enter in the Mail – From box???

    [your-name] <[your-email]>

    Isn’t this supposed to be the info of the one filling out my form? why would I enter any of my info here and if I should then what name and email am I supposed to use?

    this is very confusing to me and none of the above answers have been any help so far.

    This is indeed a mess in my opinion.

    All our clients are stressed about this, and I have insure them, that it is nothing to worry about.

    I have two questions to the developer of this fine and popular contact form?

    1. After all these years, what is this a change for?
    2. Wasn’t it programmed to add EXACTLY those short codes in those fields? i.e. [your-subject] in the Subject field.


    This makes no sense what so ever!
    The FROM field is from customers emailing me. So now when I see an new email has come in, when I hit reply Im sending it to MYSELF! WTH!

    I have to go down into the email and pick their email addy out from there.

    Somebody please tell me I’m overlooking something here?

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