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  • I tried to give it a chance, i really did but its so difficult to use….. I’ve spent over an hour trying to fix the layout which I can only assume come in the most recent update.

    Install Elementor and i have the page half complete in 30 mins!!

    Giving up on it now for good.

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    Hey @nicksws – thanks for taking the time to write a review. For what it is worth – we are always working to try and make things better.

    I’ve spent over an hour trying to fix the layout which I can only assume come in the most recent update.

    Can you tell me a little more about the layout issues you had and were trying to fix?

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    Hi @jordesign,

    I wish it could of been more positive but i’ve never been so frustrated with a builder before.

    We had a simple 2 page website that was using Elementor, the page was a simple design so we decided to remove Elementor and use Gutenberg. We did this because the website gets a high amount of traffic for a few days and we wanted to make the website as light as possible.

    Building it the first time took longer then it would with Elementor, I apprecaite its a different builder and it would take longer to find things at first so I continued.

    The next month before the traffic was due again, I fully updated the website and the page looked totally different. Pretty sure it was down to flex updates and no matter what I tried, I could not get the page back to how I orginally made it. What I was seeing in the editor screen was not what was being displayed on the front end.

    I even tried to roll back WordPress and it just wouldn’t go back to how we left it so gave up on it.

    Hey @nicksws ! That sounds super frustrating.

    Were you using the Gutenberg plugin on this particular site, or the version of the editor bundled with WordPress? Also, if you have any screenshots from when this happened, and the version of the WP before and after those updates, I’d love to try and reproduce some of it, and file any issues if needed.

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    Hi @properlypurple,

    This was the bundled version of Gutenberg with WordPress, I just went back through my chats when I was discussing the issue I didn’t save any screenshots. We were both looking at the website live, using Firefox / Chrome and both were seeing the same results.

    This was on 6th of September so WP 6.2 to 6.3 I think.

    Thank you for the additional information @nicksws, and for taking the time to respond here! This will help with testing and figuring out if this is a bug in the editor, or in the core.

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