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  • The install for Persistence goes OK and it is potentially a very useful add-on to Gravity Forms. The problem comes in Form Settings. The box labeled “Enable form persistence” will not stay checked after updating form settings. This is true even after also checking “Require user to be logged in” is checked and the “Require Login Message” box is filled out. I have tried this in both Chrome and Firefox. Many users on the forums have also had this same problem. There is very little documentation for this add-on and the developer, Astha, is either unable or unwilling to support it. Gravity Forms simply points you to the developer for support, which, after multiple attempts, has been nonexistent. A persistence plugin for Gravity Forms has great promise, but I wish Gravity Forms would put one out so it would work and be supported.

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  • The plugin works perfectly for me and is a complete game changer and my most complex forms portal has over 700 unique forms all running under https. I’m also running it using SimpleModal Login which allows forms to be logged into, password reset requests and registering of accounts without leaving any form’s window and also using SB Welcome Email Editor for some top-notch looking emails for all of the above. All put together the whole thing is very “non-wordpressy” and out-rivals anything I’ve ever come across.

    So what versions of WordPress and Gravity Forms are you running?

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    tomsawyer, i have the same exact problem that Scott has … i am using the latest versions of wordpress and gravity forms … no dice

    gah! this sucks! total dealbreaker for me …

    add_action("gform_advanced_settings", "editor_script_persistency");

    that should solve your problems, this plugin doesn’t seem to be updated for the current way gravity forms does form settings. This does put the javascript in several times, because GF’s uses the “position variable” and hook muliple times. But it will work.

    awesome, thanks! that’s fantastic

    one thing this doesn’t do is “autosave” the form, i believe you have to click a “next” or “submit” button for it to save

    the way the original authors describe it, it sounds like it is supposed to autosave

    any thoughts on this?

    is this something you’d know how to do?

    thanks so much

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