• I was very positive when I came across ARMember. It seemed to have all the features necessary (even the free version) to be a great professional membership plugin. But…

    I found the flow to be unnecessarily confusing; the documentation overly convoluted (yes, it’s okay to have English as your first language, but it was damn well confusing reading at times}. As well as, when the author delved into Plugin Developer talk made the Documentation tough work.

    Then the little confusing (I won’t say it’s buggy) setup was where it broke me down. I couldn’t place my payment option (PayPal) on my registration page, even though it shows in the preview in ARMember (that raised eyebrows). I also somehow managed to bulk protect all my WP pages and could never find a way out. And many other small things. I could never get a sense of a logical flow and started guessing my way around.

    I really wanted to like ARMember, the price is good and the potential is there, but I can’t spend hours on what should be a 1/2hr job.

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