• Well, I gave it a year. After my subscription ended, I gave it a couple more weeks. This plugin stalls on the slider function if the mouse hovers, and it will not restart. They have “tried” to fix this by having me insert code multiple times over the past year. NOTICE – I use plugins because I do NOT code, but they didn’t mind plunging me into that. Anyway – it never was fixed, despite many attempts. I pay money to NOT have to modify plugins. This is a big company and they should know HOW to treat customers – but they don’t care too awfully much. I will soon replace their product with something that is more powerful which actually DOES work. My website is my business. Don’t take it lightly. Your plugin is YOUR business – so I hope this review gives you the recognition that you so rightfully deserve. Bye, forever.

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    Hi @ricky735

    Just want to point out that you mention:

    They have “tried” to fix this by having me insert code multiple times over the past year.


    This company doesn’t care

    You contacted us more than any other customer over the past year and we spent a lot of time trying to help you and resolve your issue. Your site, however, is full of customizations and poorly coded plugins that are causing conflicts.

    There are only so many things we can try, and as you pointed out, we really tried many ideas. We also never gave up. Our final message to you was an attempt to help further.

    We really did care.

    And if you contact us again we will gladly help remedy any issues you have with our product to the best of our ability. That goes for users of our free plugin as well as for users of our commercial products.

    You don’t get to brag because you stayed the course for a year trying to make this plugin work. I also was forced to stay that course, except I was not paid for the work that I did – unlike your tech support that is paid to deal with issues. This was not an easy task for me, as I know nothing about coding. I did learn practical skills along the way, such as PHP code is erased in a parent theme when it is updated. So I had to figure out a workaround for that issue as well. You don’t get it. I don’t code – period. Therefore, I don’t customize either. Your weak grasping at straws saying my site has a lot of customization and/or poorly made plugins is totally wrong. I built my website for business. I do not take pride in customizing anything – because I don’t know how to do that, even if I wanted to. I also seek out premium plugins and gladly pay for them – so I can avoid exactly what I had to encounter. And my website is all of, 6 or 8 pages at the most? I’m a small one-man-band business, that invested a lot of time and effort to research how to design a website – then learn your methods – then built it, and then spent a year trying to get it to work! And now I’m spending more time – or, wasting, I should say – explaining everything that happened! You have me so mad, that I am going out of my way to do that.

    Who do you think you are anyway? So you did help me more than any other customer. Is that a benefit to me in some way? You think I want to learn how to code, or to spend my time tweaking settings and learning intricate details of a plugin? Maybe you, as a coder, like to spend months learning to code – but I have a lot better things to do.

    If any response was appropriate, it would be an APOLOGY for not having a product that worked on such a BASIC level – and then wasting hours of my time running in circles trying to fix it! Correction – get it to work! Fixing implied it worked at one time, which is not the case here.

    All the while, your site promotes your plugin as “The world’s #1 slider plugin.” Well, it doesn’t work. My hero section has 3 animated slides. Just 3. I have only one other slider, that has maybe 6 slides, which are not animated. Is that too much to handle? Too big of a website? Too customized? Too complicated?

    I paid money for your pro version. I spent many hours working side by side – as a partnership, if you will, trying to get this working. Just working – nothing more than what it is supposed to do beyond its basic function – which is to resume sliding after it is paused by a mouse hover or manual control of the slide sequence. Stop – and then restart. And I’m using WordPress. For a very good reason – that’s so I am using the number one platform that is well developed and stable – so I don’t HAVE to spend time figuring things out.

    You should be ashamed of your plugin – and your advertising – and your lack of “effective” support – and now your attempts to place blame on me or my website design while making yourself look like you did everything you could and are a deeply caring company. Here’s news – you had a year of repeated attempts to fix this. You failed. I have the end results which portray my website as a weak amateur attempt. Not a polished professional website. Luckily, I am in a business where I don’t have to look like a big-time player – even though I put in the time, money, and effort to achieve that!

    So on I go. I continue to learn a lot. My new version will incorporate Adobe after effects to create a stunning video sequence. Of course, this requires that I once again divert time and effort from my business so I can learn these skills – but once I learn them I will be able to create truly magnificent websites. You, meanwhile, can continue learning how to code so your plugins can perform the basic tasks that they are designed for.

    BTW, after my account expired, I did take the time to send a comment to your company through your website portal – which I did not receive an answer to. Care? Who cares – let him deal with his own damn website. We have better things to do. So now, here we are having this discussion. Do you pay managers to answer upset customers? They’re failing. I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody even read the feedback I sent. Do you pay people to test your products to make sure they function? They fail too. Your tech support does try – but trying is not the same as succeeding. You don’t get points for number of attempts, or number of hours invested. You get points for results.

    Things could have – and should have – been so nice. But, no. It is what it is, and that’s NOT a good thing.

    Do not ignore the next customer that places his business image in your hands by buying your products. That microscopic business may not be anything to you – but it is to the business owner.

    I could have been done with this in a fraction of the time if I had used Wix – but I took the long road so I could get better results. Ha. Some of us just want A website to help in business. I have a business to attend to – not reworking a website to make it work.

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