• Hi

    Love the plugin but before use this i have some answers

    We plan to run a site that have multicurrency and we need your plugin

    We plan to sell in dollars but the main money is Venezuelan Bolivar

    Whit this plugin we can in one step the main price of all the bolivar currencies

    I try to explain to you can helpo us better here

    We have a exchange control of the money so we need to sell in dollars as an stable money but people can pay in Bolivar so as the exchange rate is so different each day we need to change the prices all days period

    So the main questios is if we can manage to change the equivalent of the exchange rate in one place and the price in the exchange mmeny will change

    Something like this

    $1 = Bs. 6000

    So web we change the Bs. 6000 to the rate of the day if will change all the prices of all the items in the shop

    Thanks in advance

    Hope you can help us here

    Best regards

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  • Plugin Support Julian Vu


    Hello @alexisvalera

    Sorry but I don’t understand you question clearly.

    You plan to sell in USD.
    You use Bs as your main currency. It means you will enter product price in Bs then use the plugin to convert into USD, right?

    Sorry I don’t really understand your question about the exchange rate. The exchange rate, the plugin can auto update it every 30 minutes with the exchange rate from Google Finance or Yahoo Finance.

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