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    Gutenberg (GUT) with WP: 5.1 – Astra theme – Astra Blog Text Typography: Verdana 18
    I’m getting the following on all 4-paragraphs:
    “This block contains unexpected or invalid content”
    with two boxes:
    1. Resolve: I clicked on > popup window: 1) Convert to HTML 2) Convert to Blocks
    > I chose “Blocks”. The above message comes back when A re-navigate back to the post.
    2. Convert to HTML: Clicking makes the text smaller and different from what I’m using (Verdana).
    NOTE: The content shows up fine on the front end. Not sure what’s going on with GUT and not sure what to do.

    What I did: I selected a “Paragraph” block.
    An example of one of the paragraphs: “楽しみ (tanoshimi) Looking forward to it. \(*<>*)/” (without quotes. Everything is fine when I ‘Update”. However, when I come back later to edit I see the above mentioned “…unexpected or invalid content” box again.

    Appreciate any suggestions and help. Thank you.

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  • Hi @innerfortune, this cam be a number of things – but typically it’s because either the code was inappropriately modified within the code editor, or the block’s markup was changed by the developer.

    In your case it doesn’t look like that would be the case (if you’re using the core paragraph block – are you?).

    Can you try switching to the default TwentyNineteen theme and see if that text properly renders? I tested it on my end and was unable to replicate it – though if you’re using a third-party block I’ll gladly test again with that one.

    Let me know!

    Hi Rich,
    Thank you for getting back to me.
    First: I’m using the WP Gutenbreg core. No third party block plugins are installed.
    Next, I switched to TwentyNineteen, the problem still exists. I tried re-inserting a new “P-block” and I still get the ‘unexpeceted or invalid content” warning. I’m using SWift Performance Lite to clear cache. I even cleared cookies etc with my Google Chrome. I also tried Opera and Safari. I don’t like Firefox.

    My question. Since I can see everything on the front side, can I just ignore this?
    When I go to the site, on both a desktop and my iPod 5G (yeah, I’m a dinosaur! LOL!), the text looks fine.
    Thank you for your help, appreciate your suggestions, feedback and comments.

    Hi Rich!
    Problem Solved!!
    All I had to do was click on “Swift Performance Lite” > database optimizer!
    I waited a day, logged in this morning, and a-batta-bing-batta-boom, no more windows telling that that I have “….unexpected or invalid content.”
    Still, thank you for your help because you spirited me on to look and try different things when trouble shooting with one of the FIRST things to do is change themes.
    Much appreciated.
    I’m going to mark this as solved.

    Back to square one. Getting the ‘unexpected or invalid content’notice.
    Tried Rich’s suggestion, switch to 2019 theme. Still getting the notice.
    Problem occurs with ALL block developers: Gute and Kadence etc.

    The good news is that this doesn’t affect the front end. It’s just a bit annoying to see a whole bunch of “Resolve – Convert to HTML windows peppered throughout the block editor.

    For now, I’ll just accept it and hope a future update will cure this “Gute Editor Block snot”. Seriously, that’s what it is.

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