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  • After installed this plugin, an option will be added to the question meta-box to create fill-in-blank questions.
    I still don’t understand how to use it.
    The answer section contains TinyMCE Editor.

    When I run my quiz, only question sentence and what we typed in the editor are shown. No input provided to give any answer.

    I think this fill-in-blank add-on is still unfinished. Not even in beta stage.
    I hope there’s an explanation about its purpose. What should it be in detail. Or maybe some users can give suggestion or contribution to it.

    I know it’s not easy to finish it. How a student give answer? How to process the answer? Will it be processed automatically to get points? Or the answer will be able to read by the instructor?

    Please help to make it ready to use!

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  • If you insert [fib] into the answer, you can type in the text. But I still do not know how to insert the correct answers. Please, share if you find out.

    Thanks for your info, it’s a good start.

    But I think the better approach for this question type is the answers should be able to read by the Instructor.

    This is based on my experience when using Quiz Master Next (now Quiz And Survey Master).
    For the “Choice” types, the answers will be processed automatically to get points.
    But when users give answers to the “Open Answer” types, they won’t get points. All the quiz results are able to read by Admin.

    Now the plugin has “Fill In The Blank” type. I haven’t tried it.

    If LearnPress haven’t had the results section, then another method is to send the answers to the Instructor’s email.

    This is my trick:

    Because the editor is free to insert anything, I insert Jetpack contact form into the answer section.
    The form will have to be submitted by clicking its own button. Then the submitted texts will be sent to the Instructor’s email.

    It’s so cool 😀

    Hi Zdenda, about the [fib] shortcode, it is nowhere in the plugin’s documentation.
    I think you see it directly in the plugin’s source code.
    And I found the attribute for correct answer there!

    if( 'fib' != $shortcode ) continue;
    $atts = shortcode_parse_atts( $matches[3][$k] );
    $atts = shortcode_atts(
            'fill'  => ''

    So we should type in the editor like this:

    The quick [fib fill="brown"] fox jumps over the lazy dog.

    But certainly we need an easy option to insert the shortcode.

    Hi! I have try in different ways how to make it work but to no avail. The ony reason I chose LearnPress was because the fill in blank questions. But it doesnt work and no one answers my call for help.
    This plugin doesnt work at all.

    Learnpress fails to help the users, the documentaion is really bad.

    I recently installed this plug-in, and it works, but in order to be able to view how the quiz will appear to your students, you have to remove the enrollment feature for your course, at least while you are setting up the quiz, so that you could view and take the quiz in a testing environment. I also opened up the quiz page from another browser, but it also works if you are signed in as admin, as long as this feature is off.

    I found this thread as I was having the same issues above when trying to figure out how to use this plug-in.

    So, to be clear, here is how you should fill out the admin side/in WP in the Question section:

    ENTER TITLE: Enter the question (example: The ____ brown fox.)
    ANSWER: Enter the answer it appears here: The [fib fill=”quick”] brown fox. (Note: even though this says “answer,” this is really representative of the question AND the answer – what appears here is what will appear as blanks on the quiz.)

    Now when you preview the quiz, you can see how it will appear to everyone else.

    Hopefully this solution helps and maybe we’ll see improvements in this area in the next update!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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