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  • I applied this add-on in an attempt to reduce the load on my shared server.
    Immediately after activating it, and reconfiguring only one item, I started having problems.
    The Cron Queue stopped running, completely. Anything that depended on the WP Cron stopped. Even though this add-on had only touched one thing, it affected everything.

    I tried disabling and even deleting the add-on. However, doing that did not restore my cron.
    At this point, I have to MANUALLY trigger tasks which are supposed to be handled in the Cron and even re-loading, and resetting this add-on does not restore my Cron activity.

    (additionally, while I was still trying to configure it, I tried deleting some cron items — ended up creating a duplicate for every time I tried to delete…)

    How do I get the add-on settings completely removed and get my Cron back to its status before this add-on screwed everything up?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Kuba Mikita


    Hi, sorry you experienced this. One question, did you activated the server cron scheduler?

    Also, can you provide more details about the cron tasks you had? Their names, arguments, when they triggered.

    It’s not likely that the plugin broke the schedules as it handle only one event at a time, but there might be and edge case.

    Thread Starter kindred


    No arguments on any jobs
    job list below….

    They say “in queue” but, to the best of my tracking, they don’t actually run.
    The Newsletter Queue is never cleared unless I do it manually, the aggregator started failing the moment I installed this add-on.

    It also still lists cron jobs from add-ons which I have since disabled and deleted.

    Event			Schedule	Arguments	Next execution
    nxs_querypost_event	NextScripts AutoPoster		In queue
    tribe_aggregator_cron		Single event		In queue
    wpsc_cron_job_schedules		Once every 5 minute	In queue
    wpml_importusers		Once Hourly		In queue
    wp_session_garbage_collection	Once Hourly		In queue
    nxs_hourly_event		Once Hourly		In queue
    wpbdp_hourly_events		Once Hourly		In queue
    job_manager_check_for_expired_jobs	Once Hourly	In queue
    wp_privacy_delete_old_export_files	Once Hourly	In queue
    wpbdp_listings_expiration_check	Once Hourly		In queue
    newsletters_countrieshook	Once Hourly		In queue
    wpml_autoresponders		Once Hourly		In queue
    wp_cache_full_preload_hook	Single event		In queue
    um_hourly_scheduled_events	Once Hourly		In queue
    wp_version_check		Twice Daily		In queue
    wp_update_themes		Twice Daily		In queue
    wp_update_plugins		Twice Daily		In queue
    nxs_chAPIU			Single event		In queue
    wpbdp_license_check		Once Daily		In queue
    wp_scheduled_auto_draft_delete	Once Daily		In queue
    newsletter_extension_versions	Once Daily		In queue
    ao_cachechecker			Twice Daily		In queue
    job_manager_clear_expired_transients	Twice Daily	In queue
    wpo_plugin_cron_tasks		Twice Daily		In queue
    check_plugin_updates-user-role-editor-pro	Twice Daily	In queue
    um_twicedaily_scheduled_events	Twice Daily		In queue
    adrotate_evaluate_ads		Twice Daily		In queue
    adrotate_empty_trackerdata	Twice Daily		In queue
    um_check_extensions_licenses	Once Daily		In queue
    wp_scheduled_delete		Once Daily		In queue
    newsletters_emailarchivehook	Once Daily		In queue
    newsletters_optimizehook	Once Daily		In queue
    delete_expired_transients	Once Daily		In queue
    job_manager_delete_old_previews	Once Daily		In queue
    job_manager_email_daily_notices	Once Daily		In queue
    job_manager_usage_tracking_send_usage_data	Every Two Weeks	In queue
    tribe_common_log_cleanup	Once Daily		In queue
    um_daily_scheduled_events	Once Daily		In queue
    do_pings			Single event		In queue
    um_weekly_scheduled_events	Once Weekly		In queue
    tribe_queue_ea_import_events	Single event		In queue
    wpbdp_daily_events		Once Daily		In queue
    wp_cache_add_site_cache_index	Single event		In queue
    newsletters_countrieshook	Once Hourly		In queue
    newsletters_upgradehook		Single event	1	In queue
    wpml_cronhook			Every 5 Minutes		In queue
    wpml_captchacleanup		Once Hourly		In queue
    amr_reportcacheing		Single event	1	In queue
    amr_reportcacheing		Single event	2	In queue
    upgrader_scheduled_cleanup	Single event	3560	In queue
    upgrader_scheduled_cleanup	Single event	3561	In queue
    newsletters_upgradehook		Single event	7	In queue
    newsletters_upgradehook		Single event	14	In queue
    publish_future_post		Single event	3594	In 3 hours
    publish_future_post		Single event	3572	In 4 hours
    Plugin Author Kuba Mikita


    Thanks, it doesn’t look like anything special.

    In queue means that the cron is not running indeed, two possible reasons:

    1. You don’t have sufficient traffic on the website to spawn the cron
    2. You enabled the server cron task (checkbox in the sidebar) which requires to add the server cron task which spawns WP cron.

    I don’t think it’s the plugin issue, as just the installation cannot break WP scheduler. I’ve been using the plugin yesterday and it worked correctly.

    Regarding the events from removed add-ons. If they don’t clear them up, the events will stay in the scheduler.

    Thread Starter kindred


    but…. if I disable the cron add-on, shouldn’t it go back to the way it was before?

    Can you tell me what tables/columns are created by this add-on? I could try removing all traces and see if that puts me back to at least the basic cron running?

    Plugin Author Kuba Mikita


    The server scheduled get’s disabled the moment you disable the plugin. It doesn’t create anything additional or modifies cron data unless you did it via the plugin interface.

    The WP cron has it state saved in {prefix}_options table, but removing this one will remove all the cron events.

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