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  • Theme looks good. With a widget-ready footer, it will be great 😀

    Hi, it looks good i have to say, the only thing that i would change would be the amount of links on toolbar too much for me, could be a little tidier.
    Good Job!!
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    Very nicely implemented theme. I like it. Nice use of colour blue. Very well done. The header I think contains many navigation bars, try reducing them to 2.

    I suggest that you find someone with a better understanding of English to fix the grammar on your website. There are many grammatical errors. Also, the use and misuse of words make it a bit difficult to read and understand.

    According to latest (last) research(es) there are a few million(s of) blogs on the internet. Most (of) bloggers have chosen personal (autonomous) blogs as a platform for creating (directing) their (net) journal. Most popular among them is (are) WordPress (Themes).
    WordPress Themes is (are) perfect for blogs. They are available in several (few) languages.
    After the user is registered for the service he can start editing his (the) journal. (It’s important that if the service stopped satisfying you, you can export records and comments in XML format.)
    The distinguishing feature of WordPress themes is a very useful GUI (window) for creating new records.

    Very Nice!

    Love the concept and the design.

    Awesome job.

    thank you all!!!!

    now I know what we have to work on!

    Dear, Mr. Lokrin2000, thank you especially for help))

    Lokrin, the website is an affiliate for a very large website template company. There’s nothing he can do, but nice finds! Being a blogger makes it very easy for us to spot these types of errors.

    Neodan, the template is NOT affiliate.
    Please prove that it is affiliate, if you think it is.

    We will definitely work on grammar…

    I did need all your comments, because we are working hard on our new design. Thank you all for helping

    The concept and design is awesome! Excellent work!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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