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  • I’m thinking that my approach might be backwards. I’ve been trying different ways of setting up subnavigation for days but I’m not getting something.
    Basically, the subnav should show links in relation to the current page. Some of these are pages, some are posts.

    this is what i mean:

    Page master 1 (these are all pages)
     – child page
     – etc

    Page master 2 (these are all posts)
     – category 1
        -post in cat1
         – subcategory of cat1
           – post in subcategory
        -another subcategory of cat1

    and so forth.

    For what is now pages, I’m trying to show all relations of the master page (this is working but the grandchild only shows its own parent, it’s funky)

    For what is now posts, all other posts in category or subcategory should show. So if we’re in a subcategory, the other POSTS in the subcategory should show, plus the other categories.

    Does each post have to have just one category to make a listing of posts in category work? Should what is posts be pages and vice versa? should everything be a post, or a page?

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