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  • Do the OpenID plugins support Facebook and Twitter also?

    I’m just wondering, because I’ve had alot of requests to add Facebook and Twitter login support to comments on my blog.

    I am a completely blind user, so I can’t do alot of that template code adding stuff.

    I’m currently using the i2theme from MangoOrange theme. I like it the best, only thing I wish was different, is I wish the windows were on a black background instead of that white background, because white backgrounds are hardest for visually impaired people to see, and I can’t seem to get gravatars to work on that particular theme? I don’t know why, its been rather frustrating.

    but anyway my question is, since 99% of my blog readers already have a yahoo, gmail, or hotmail account they could login with, and since all of my family have facebook and twitter accounts, most everyone I know uses facebook specifically, does OpenID support all those? or do I have to install the facebook and twitter plugins separately?

    but yeah, as far as my theme goes, I’ve had trouble adding gravatar and the edit comments plugins so that users can edit their own comments before a certain length of time has passed, to this theme, neither one seems to work with this particular theme for some reason, avatars won’t show up at all, and I tried adding the code directly from the codex, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong on that, or maybe its just me I don’t know. lol I am blind after all. hehe


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