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  • Hi, guys.

    I am running a blog aggregator and I want to implement social tagging to my posts.

    The idea is that the tagging system will be open and free, so any registered user could add and/or remove a tag to a post or page while viewing the homepage or the categories page, for example.

    I didn´t find any plugin that would allow me to accomplish such a thing (not even close), so I gently ask you:

    1. Does WordPress allow a registered user to change other´s tags without changing anything else in the post, like author?
    2. And more: Would WordPress allow them to make this changes while viewing the homepage (with some sort of ajax or javascript feature that will allow them to edit tags without leaving or reloading the entire page)?

    If you could give me any directions so I can start planning a plugin, it´ll be very very appreciated.

    I´ve already adapted some plugins to my own needs, and have been wrote others simple ones. I understand a bit of plugin design and coding, but I think this is a bit more complex than what I´ve done so far.

    Thanks for your help, anger to hear your opinions even about the validity of such idea.


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