Think I have a bug, homepage images have shifted to right, firebug for firefox ? (1 post)

  1. paxtonsgate
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I think I have a bug on my sites homepage at http://www.ecoanchornyc.com. All of my images have shifted to the right and a black line appears on the left. When I activate Firebug for Firefox and scroll over an image, the following code pops up on the bottom right of firebug's window:

    img {margin-left 9px, margin-right 8px} ecoanchornyc.com #5 (line 589)

    Firebug allows you to edit the screen code. I changed the both margins to 0 and the problem disappeared.

    This line of code is definitely the problem but I have no clue where to find the source file ecoanchornyc.com #5 (line 589).

    What does it mean when Firebug says this?

    I've emailed Firebug support 3 times and no one answered my

    Thanks in advance

    Jessica Paxton

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