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  • Let me start off by saying i love the concept of Gantry and would love to make it work. However, . . . there’s BIG problems with this software and Rockettheme wordpress themes.

    First, I can promise most people will have problems and errors installing the theme, etc. . . . this is just the beginning.

    Next, once you get it figured out, you will quickly see your website moving so slowly you want to cuss. You will contact your website host because you’ve researched on the internet that it’s their fault. Then, you will learn it’s the “rok” plugins and you will curiously remember that all other themes run fine. Then the rok plugins will lock you out of your wordpress site until you go in through FTP and delete the offending plugin file. All of this going on while you’re waiting for a response from the Rockettheme forums.

    Finally, after you’ve wasted a months worth of late night hours, cussing the computer, etc . . . you realize that Gantry themes by Rocketthemes is just not gonna work. So, you ask for a refund and are told no.

    So, you bought all this rocketlauncher stuff, spent hours, looked for fixes to bugs, only to be told on the telephone by your webhost that “rok” plugins are slowing site down.


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  • I run about 50 gantry installations and don’t have any problems like that. It’s a lot different than other WP theme systems, has higher sever requirements and is a bit more complex – but in return you get all the flexibility in the world. Can’t say I’ve had the same experience as you, and I know a lot of other people that wouldn’t necessarily agree with what you’re saying. It’s not for everybody, but it works great for me.

    the only caveat i put on it was for people to “think” about gantry and rocket themes before they buy because i’ve been creating websites in wordpress for over four years now and have never had a theme give me a problem like gantry rocket themes.

    i checked with my host and they advised to turn off the rok plugins to speed the site up. i turned them off and site was faster.

    when people buy a theme i don’t think they wanna check server requirements and all that hyper technical stuff. they want it to just work. I’ve had many other themes and frameworks and no such problems. i’d love it if gantry would work for me. it doesn’t.


    Do you have any suggestions on themes that have similar frameworks that are to gantry and rocket themes? I’ve also had similar problems, but really like what gantry has to offer.

    @marykegg Just a quick Google search shows Thesis and Headway as being similar to Gantry.

    I personally like to normally use something like Bones or Bootstrap to develop themes rather than something like Gantry, which seems overly, and unnecessarily, complex with all the XML, gizmos, etc.

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