• johnyyw


    The plugin looks promising, but things have started that aren’t quite finished…

    1) Captcha – It doesn’t show captcha at “lost password”, “woocommerce product comment”, probably somewhere else and no option to enable or simple to show everywhere.. It shows only at login form..

    2) 2FA – Two Factor Authentication. There is only email 2FA.. this plugin did not offer the option with “2FA code generating apps such as Google Authenticator, Authy”.. which is very sad..

    I always use 2FA code generating apps for everything, and I will never use 2FA email authentication by choice!

    It seems that the author is working on too many projects and this particular one doesn’t have too much time to make the plugin really great!

    These are the reasons why I don’t use this plugin, if they improve it with this and more other functions, I will give it a chance and install it again.

    Currently only 3 stars! ★★★✩✩

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