• I bought a license, and I have regeret since. On there site, they say that they refund if not satisfied, and that is bullshit.

    I have contact Them thru email, Skype message, Skype call and contact form. They (Andi) responded after serval days. Promised to refund – got nothing and now they dont respond My messages..

    Dont ever buy from Them..

    It is disgusting to take money for a product and afterwards ignore People.

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  • Hello
    Honestly since I’m working with this plugin and licenses I bought I don’t have any issue. Time by time I have some issue related to ioncube version because google cloud use 7.3 and WPCargo use Ioncube version 7.2 but even that the plugins are working. Each time I wrote to them on skype they respond to me within 48hs I can understand I’m not the only has complains so for me 48h is ok

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    Its good for you, that they responded you so fast..

    Maybe Its because i wanted refund, that goes so slow?

    You know getting money is so fast but sending it out it’s so hard 😁😁😁

    HELLO, @boukar10 and @bayoumi, please, please I need a little help from both of you. This plugin, how does it really work.

    Does it work in such away that it generates a tracking code which the site admin can update details about the location of the shipment and status and then user/shipment owner uses the code to track the shipment on that same site the tracking code is generated then the details the site admin updated about the shipment shows??… For instance, code is generated on SITE A(John doe’s site) and the user uses it to still track on SITE A(John doe’s site).

    0r does it generates tracking code and the user/shipment owner copys the code and uses it to track the shipment in a different website like the courier site.. Like code is generated in SITE A then tracking is done on SITE B which is a courier site like DHL or UPS..

    Please Guys, dont ignore. IM trying to get a suitable plugin for a client.

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    You have to buy a lot of extenions before it work as you want..

    You can buy another through codecanyon.net for much cheaper, and get the same result..

    Ok. Thanks very much man. Please, do you have any site built with this particular plugin?.. you can please drop it so I can check through it.

    to answer to your question, code generation and tracking are done from the same Site.
    the basic WPCargo plugin is free but as said bayoumi if you need more extra features you need to buy some plugins accordingly to waht you want.
    Just for your information you server should support ioncube 7.2. It seems that they didn’t test it with ioncube 7.3 but for my case It’s working with version 7.3
    Best Regards

    Ok. Thanks Guys. I appreciate your time given to reply. Please I will like see any site the plugin was used on, so if there is any site that the plugin was used in you guys can share with me here or my email => udembaselfmade@gmail.com

    Again, I will like if you guys can email me so I get to learn more from both of you. If you guys are cool with it, udembaselfmade@gmail.com is my email. Once again Thanks Guys.

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