• After trying out this free plugin nothing really worked on my site without adobe flash, which is pretty much discontinued by Adobe. I tried to upgrade and thats when things got real. I was told i’d need to move my entire site from WPEngine, the most powerful WordPress hosting company in the world, besides WordPress itself and only host with them… Refund request was quickly denied and i was threatened with legal action…. All of this happens inside emails filled with excuses, long enough to write a book.

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    Solution needs to be deployed on a host that supports the requirements clearly described at https://videowhisper.com/?p=Requirements#software .

    When hosting on a different hosting plan that does not meet the requirements, the features are not available.

    Mobile support is based on specific hosting features that implement HTML5 support and other capabilities like transcoding, WebRTC relay, HLS, session control, direct stream snapshots.
    When hosting on another web hosting only Flash application features can be used, as these can be configured to use remote RTMP.

    As can be tested, the plugin works fine (including in HTML5 mobile browsers) in the live demos and for multiple sites that have necessary hosting requirements.

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